Suzy Bae Reveals Track List For First Solo K-Pop Album — When Will First Sexy Single Drop? Relationship With Lee Min Ho Growing Fast

The world has been waiting for more information about Suzy Bae’s debut solo album since it was announced back in December, and finally, there is some. This past week, there have been some teasers revealed for her album which is perfectly titled Yes? No?, and some of them were quite sexy and provocative. Now, there is much more for her fans to revel in as the track list for the album has been revealed and there is even more news on her relationship with Lee Min Ho.

As reported by Korea Boo, the teasers for her first solo album all told a different story. One showed Suzy at a window as she stared longingly out into the world. A second image showed her laying on a bed and being very seductive. The third is quite “provocative” with Suzy Bae in black lingeries and running her hands through her hair.

Fans seeing these images only felt their anticipation rise as they just couldn’t wait any longer for the album and songs to actually be released. Well, there is some good news as All K-Pop revealed the track list for Yes? No? and gave everyone a look at what the songs would be called.

The songs that will be on Yes? No? are:

  1. “Pretending I’m Happy”
  2. “Yes No Maybe”
  3. “It’s Always Like That” featuring Reddy
  4. “Les Preferences”
  5. “Heater Forever”
  6. “Trigonotis Peduncularis”

JYP Entertainment announced back at the beginning of December that Suzy Bae would break from Miss A to release her first solo album. She went to Hong Kong in late November and secretly shot her solo album jacket covers and filmed her video. After speculation in early 2016 of Suzy releasing a solo album was squashed, fans waited for confirmation and JYP finally gave it.

Now, it is known that her solo album title track is set to be pre-released on January 17 and the album will have its official release on January 24.

As her popularity continues to grow, the conversation of her relationship with actor Lee Min Ho begins to churn as well. Late last year, there was actually talk that the duo was looking to get married soon and maybe even have a child, but no confirmation has come forth about either of those things.

Yibada states that Lee Min Ho, star of The Legend of the Blue Sea, and Suzy Bae’s relationship is actually going very strong despite recent rumors of them splitting up. One has to believe that it will be very difficult for them to keep going strong, though, as their careers and lives take them in different directions.

Lee Min Ho is planning on enlisting in the military at some point this year, but he will not be on active duty. He is going to take on the role of a public service officer since his numerous accidents over the past years have caused injuries that won’t allow him to be an active member of the military.

A wedding may one day be in the cards for the couple, but there is simply no time for it right now. The military for Lee Min Ho and the K-Pop sensation popularity for Suzy just won’t allow it to happen soon.

Suzy Bae’s solo album is one that will become iconic in a hurry and fans just can’t get enough of all the small teases they have received leading up to it. The images, the track list, the teasers, and the sexy style of Suzy is just too much to take and makes it even harder to wait. While her relationship with Lee Min Ho grows stronger, can it continue to thrive as her popularity and stardom only grows larger once her first single and album drops?

[Featured Image by Chung-Sun Jun/Getty Images]