Coco Austin Dresses Baby Chanel Nicole Up In Adorable Outfits To Distract Her From Sickness

Coco Austin and Ice T’s baby girl, Chanel Nicole, has been battling a cold this week, but that hasn’t stopped her from looking adorable.

Austin shared several new photos of the 1-year-old to Instagram this week as she seeks to distract the baby from teething troubles. Coco explained that Chanel hasn’t appeared in many photos the past week because she was battling her first cold, but is now dealing with teething as her back molars come in. She shared a photo to her own Instagram account telling fans she’s now trying to keep Chanel preoccupied.

“I like big bows and I can not lie!” I’m trying to get Chanel’s mind off of teething by dressing her up it seems to be working. She just started getting all 4 molers (sic) in 1 day its been rough.”

Coco dressed baby Chanel Nicole in a sequined pink bow and matching pink tulle bottoms as she posted another photo to Instagram. This time, however, Coco spoke for Chanel as she wrote she’s moving around better following her illness. Austin also told fans and followers she plans on sharing Chanel’s “look of the day” again since the tot is starting to feel better.

“Moving around better today…Not been feeling too hot.. Teething sucks. Gotta get back up to speed with my ‘look of the day'”

Coco and Chanel’s fans left supportive messages as they encouraged the little one to feel better.

“Super cute!!! Hope you feel better little one!”

Other followers had questions regarding Chanel Nicole’s style as they also asked if Coco and Ice T plan on having another baby.

“Very Cute how you dress her. But Do you dress Chanel in the same outfits more than once. Are you planning on another Baby sometime soon?”

Austin first informed her social media followers of Chanel’s illness late last week as she posted a photo of her daughter in pajamas. She explained that Chanel was suffering her first real sickness in addition to the teething, but promised to share more of the photos fans have come to love.

“A baby has been going through it.. I got my 1st real cold & stomach sickness this week, on top of getting my molers in (Thats why no pics lately). I put a headband on and I’m still smiling.. I might be another couple days under the weather..Sorry”

Coco followed it up with a sweet image of Chanel showing affection to Max, the family’s bulldog.

Of course, her followers loved seeing the sweet photo as they took to commenting on it.

“Most precious thing ever!”

Indeed, it seems Coco and Ice T’s baby girl has built her very own fanbase as she continues to be an Instagram sensation. Entertainment Tonight reported on Chanel’s first birthday party, which took place in December. The site reported that the couple went all out as they celebrated Chanel Nicole’s Minnie Mouse-themed birthday.

“Chanel’s future birthday parties will have a lot to live up to in comparison to the fancy soiree her parents, Coco Austin and Ice-T, threw when she turned one years old.”

Coco and Chanel also sported matching mother-daughter outfits at the party, much to fans’ delight.

“Coco and Chanel first posed for pics while sporting Minnie Mouse-inspired red dresses, polka dot bows and mouse ears. For their second look, the duo switched into matching Cinderella dresses.”

It seems that Coco is raising a very fashion-forward little girl, one who looks the part even while battling a sickness.

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]

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