‘Justice League’ Movie News: Sequel Starring Cast Member Jeff Bridges As Villain Darkseid? [Rumors]

The Justice League movie is in motion and has an ensemble of a DC cinematic team-up, but who will be playing a major villain in the end? Considering that the Omega symbol popped up in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as the likely Parademons which appeared in Bruce Wayne’s dream, it did raise a question that this impending force mentioned in the Justice League trailer may be Darkseid himself.

Jeff Bridges As Darkseid?

Now there is a rumor popping up online about Jeff Bridges playing the heinous role of Darkseid, according to Screen Geek. The Justice League News Twitter account posted a side-by-side of Bridges and a graphic of the beastly villain. Jeff fared pretty well as Iron Monger in the 2008 Iron Man movie and can pull of a pretty mean bad guy, so if he’s chosen, do you think he could pull off Darkseid?


This Justice League movie rumor isn’t surprising, but considering that there had been a DCEU leak last year, this may be something to consider as one of the rumors in the bulleted list mentioned whether or not Darkseid would be in the Justice League 2 movie. Also, 4chan popped up the same rumor.

The reason there was a conflict within the rumor was because they thought this would get mixed up with Marvel Studios’ Infinity War movies. It also referred to adjusting the sequel to Justice League Dark.

“There was a DC Extended Universe discussion about whether or not to use Darkseid in Justice League 2 as there may be a conflict with Thanos in the Marvel Infinity War flicks. Also, the Justice League sequel is to be moved to the end of 2019 to adjust for Justice League Dark.

Steppenwolf In League With Darkseid?

There’s also the matter of Steppenwolf, who will be played by Game of Thrones‘ Ciaran Hinds. In the comics, both Steppenwolf and Darkseid come from planet Apokolips and in the New 52 series of DC Comics, both worked together to attack Earth. New Trailer Buzz mentioned that Darkseid will appear “further down the road” which is likely in reference to the Justice League 2 sequel whereas the big baddie for the first movie will be Steppenwolf.

By the way, Darkseid is nephew to Steppenwolf in the comics, and in the Batman v. Superman movie he was said to have been teased in a deleted scene where Lex Luthor appears to have been in communication with a being holding two cube-like shapes, according to Inverse. If not in communication, could he just be looking at the ship’s archives and found the Justice League’s Achilles heel? Also in the comics, these cubes are apparently under guard by the Amazonians who are Wonder Woman’s people.

Do you think Lex Luthor was in communication or viewing some construct of this villain indicating those are the items needed to take out the superhero team?

The Justice League movie is going to be “fun” according to screenwriter Will Beall in comparison to Batman v. Superman, according to Slash Film, so will the latter sequel be once again somber? If Jeff Bridges as Darkseid turns up in it, how could someone keep it from being gritty?

So come Justice League movie time, do you think Jeff Bridges has what it takes to be a major villain in the DC Cinematic Universe? How well do you think his character, if chosen as a cast member, will fare as this beast of a bad guy and how do you think Darkseid and Steppenwolf will be written together? Will they attack Earth simultaneously like in the DC Comics or will the writers have a different story map in place?

The Justice League movie is set for debut on Nov. 17.

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