Paranormal News: Archaeologist’s Recreation Of Stonehenge Could Demonstrate Religious Link To Ancients

For paranormal news fans, modern experimental archaeology is a field that provides incredible insights into the folklore of ancient peoples, and more excitingly, good technical data to support those insights. A British scholar, Dr. Rupert Till of the University of Huddersfield, has used a video game-like reconstruction, as shown by BBC News, of Stonehenge thousands of years in the past, and the sounds of Stonehenge come to life without the din of tourists and nearby motorways. To be clear, Dr. Till has in no way asserted a religious link between present and past belief systems, and he would probably be shocked to find his work in the paranormal news. But, the link presents itself if one considers a long history of acoustics and religious, or paranormal beliefs.

Before getting to the link between present and past, it would be helpful to contextualize Dr. Till’s work. His work revolves around an idea that ancient people were drawn to places that had a unique acoustic signature, which alone could easily have fallen out of a paranormal researcher’s notes about any number of phenomena. And it fits in with a larger trend in archaeology that attempts to reconstruct the past in a meaningful and personal way apart from the clinical approach of texts and more traditional fieldwork.

“The moment we start creating a virtual reality world it begins to ask questions, especially about people. What were they wearing, what were their postures, were they highly coloured, tattooed? As soon as we create the immersive experience it demands those answers.

“It gives a new sensory experience to looking at the past that might take us beyond what we describe in books.”

Technology could be adding to paranormal research through experimental archaelogy instead of older methods. [Image by Aslitoprak/Thinkstock]

It is that very sensory experience, sometimes paranormal in nature, that opens up the echoes of the past and actively engages a paranormal community that often relies heavily on sensory experience to research paranormal claims. Doctor Till’s extensive knowledge of music is evident in his choice of instruments for his immersive experience as demonstrated in the video below, and his focus on percussion reflects an understanding that in many ancient traditions, rhythm and percussion were imperative to a spiritual experience. And it is precisely on this point that the paranormal news intersects with modern and ancient technologies.

The news here is that paranormal researchers have long studied vibration in the context of certain paranormal phenomena. Sound is one of the primary ways human beings communicate and has long been a source of sacred inspiration. Beliefnet, a non-aligned community promoting faith and spirituality, has an entire searchable catalog of over 1,000 articles related to one’s “vibration” and ways to synchronize it for the good.

Many modern religions and paranormal beliefs have appropriated Stonehenge, and science could establish a connection. [Image by Michi Termo/Thinkstock]

If Dr. Till is correct that the people who lived around Stonehenge built it with acoustics in mind for the purpose of a religious experience, or even a paranormal experience in attempting to speak with the dead, then the concept of “vibration” as a focal point for religious or paranormal experience stands as an unbroken chain between modern humans and our distant cousins who lived before history was recorded in more discreet ways. That is, there must be either a belief among those inclined to paranormal experiences that mirrors the beliefs of humans long gone in some sort of cultural lineage, or there must be some as yet unmeasured way to quantify the paranormal effects of sound as it relates to human consciousness.

Even if Dr. Till never intended for his application of technology to find its way into the paranormal news, the applications for it in paranormal research are exciting. Perhaps a paranormal researcher could utilize the technology to measure frequencies of sound that are anomalous or paranormal in nature. Perhaps this is the beginning of a technological advance that will ultimately identify, isolate, and describe that will tie the paranormal research of today, with the intuitive beliefs of the past. That would be welcome news in the paranormal community, and a unique bridge for modern culture to use to reach a distant, paranormal and mystical past.

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