Russian Scientists Discovered Perfectly Preserved Body Of 800-Million-Year-Old Woman In A Marble Casket -- Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

A bizarre story that originated from the conspiracy theory blogosphere going viral on social media claims that in 1969, Soviet scientists covered up the discovery of a perfectly preserved 800-million-year-old human body. The perfectly preserved 800-million-year-old body of a beautiful girl was found inside an intricately designed marble casket at a coal mine outside the remote village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region of Russia.

While many readers on Disclose TV dismissed the story as a fabrication based on the fairy tale "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs," some out-of-place artifact conspiracy theorists argued that the story was authentic and that Soviet scientists conspired with the communist authorities to cover up the discovery of the body because it disproved Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Some claimed that the story originated from a Russian language documentary (see YouTube below) first uploaded to YouTube in 2014. Others argued that the video stole images from a different case: the Taklamakan mummies discovered in the Chinese desert.

The Russian language video, according to versions subtitled in the English language, claims that the intricately crafted marble coffin containing the perfectly preserved body was found about 70 feet underground by local miners in 1969. The casket was first found by a miner identified as Karnaukhov.

Workers brought the strange artifact to the surface and opened it by gently chipping fossilized putty off the edges of the coffin. But as they tried to open the casket, heat from the sun melted the putty and a strange liquid flowed from inside the casket.

When the miners opened the coffin, the found inside it the body of a beautiful young woman -- about 30-years-old -- preserved perfectly in a mysterious pink and blue liquid.

A small rectangular metal object that looked like a cell phone was placed close to her head.The body was so well-preserved that it seemed to the miners that the young woman was sleeping rather than dead.

After the casket was opened, dozens of people at the site gathered around to look at the beautiful woman inside the casket. But district officials learned of the discovery, and within 24 hours, government officials in Moscow sent a red helicopter to retrieve the coffin.

But because the helicopter was unable to lift the heavy coffin, officials decided to remove the pink and blue fluid. However, the corpse blackened and became unrecognizable after the fluid was removed. But when the mysterious liquid was poured back into the casket, the corpse regained its fresh lifelike appearance.

An elderly professor from Novosibirsk was summoned to investigate the body. After examining the corpse, the professor concluded that a discovery had been made that would revolutionize our understanding of Earth's history. He said the discovery was so shocking that it was unbelievable.

Part of his shocking conclusion was that the body and the casket were at least 800-million-years-old. He said the woman inside the coffin was older than the coal deposit in which she was found. He also concluded that the discovery disproved Darwin's theory of evolution.

Researchers who examined and analyzed the fabric used to make the dress were baffled because they could not determine its nature and its age. They concluded that the technology used to manufacture the fabric is unknown today and that it was much more advanced that present-day technology.

Scientists were also unable to identify the pink and blue fluid used to embalm and preserve the body despite several attempts by top laboratories in the U.S.S.R. However, subsequent analysis identified two components of the fluid as onion and garlic.

Soviet authorities ordered security agents to hush up the mysterious discovery. Soviet security agents were sent to round up and arrest witnesses. The witnesses were threatened with charges of sedition to keep them silent.

But despite efforts by the authorities to cover up the incident, some villagers who saw the strange marble casket and the corpse talked about it, and the story spread to surrounding communities. One villager campaigned to let the truth be known, but he died mysteriously after he wrote letters to some members of the government Central Committee. The official cause of his death was a heart failure.

Several of the original witnesses also died mysteriously in car crashes within a year after the discovery.

However, subsequent genetic analysis showed she was human.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the discovery proves that humans did not evolve but that we and our ancestors have looked the same for millions of years. The human species has been around on Earth much longer than evolutionary science claims.

Human ancestors did not evolve from apes -- they came from space, some alien enthusiasts claim. Humans share a common ancestry with the Pleiadian aliens. A branch of the ancient alien Lyrans were the ancestors of the Pleiadians while another branch migrated in starships to Earth long ago.

Four years after the discovery of the "Tisulsky Princess," government officials conducted a secret excavation at a site about six kilometers away from Rzhavchik Tisulskago. The site was cordoned off by armed soldiers. Laborers who were hired to excavate the site were warned not to talk about what they saw. But several years later, one of the workers told people while drunk that they had excavated an ancient burial site that was apparently linked to the casket and body found at the coal mine.

Although very little is known about the nature of the strange findings, one can still find older residents of the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago willing to confirm the story of the Tisulsky Princess to curious visitors, conspiracy theorists claim.

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