UFO News: Chilean Navy Video Does Not Show A UFO [Debunked]

Today’s UFO news features a debunking of the Chilean Navy video that alleges to show a UFO. When the news of the video erupted in last week’s UFO news cycle, the first issue that presented itself was that the video had been in government hands for two years, and the arguments made for the object being a UFO seemed scientifically flimsy given the length of the study. A team from Metabunk apparently reached the same conclusion, writing a thorough debunking of the UFO theory in favor of a far more mundane terrestrial explanation, which is also explained in the video below.

While some may conclude that pilots are more expert UFO witnesses than skeptics, the basic information in the case is unbiased and plentiful. The first batch of plentiful information focuses on the video itself. The information gleaned from it presents a truly dull scenario.

The Chilean Navy video in the UFO news misidentifies a jet. [Image by Muratart/Thinkstock]

It is possible to break the information about the video into two main groups. The first of these groups is what visual information is directly available through only looking at the object of the video, which is alleged to be a UFO. In that information, a UFO news story is non-existent. At first glance, a viewer unbiased by a ready-made interpretation, could reasonably conclude that the large, dark and awfully vapor-like aspect of the image is a contrail. Anyone who has ever lived near an airport can appreciate that the contrail in this video is no UFO.

The second aspect is the actual object in front of the contrail. Bearing in mind that the camera is pulling in more than the visible light spectrum, even this aspect goes from being UFO news to a boring jet sighting. The reason why will become clearer with the next batch of information, but from just rudimentary analysis, Metabunk demonstrated that the video shows a known jet airliner type.

“The two large blobs are flared images from the heat of the engines (much smaller in reality). You can see this effect with some candles if you view them from a distance.

“The flaring is more apparent if you look at it uninverted. The engines appear as two very bright lights.”


Metabunk also provides a breakdown with specific images that they gleaned from and about the video of the alleged UFO. All of those images make a convincing case that this is not UFO news, as the image in the video clearly falls within the information set associated with the sighting of a jet. All of this leads to a second set of information that, combined with the first information set, demonstrates that the object of the video can be identified without a UFO theory.

Fortunately, Metabunk provided the most valuable piece to this UFO news puzzle, with a very close approximation of the location of the Chilean Navy helicopter and two potential targets for what the people in that helicopter were seeing. Metabunk starts out by illuminating the first aspect of this information with an acknowledgement that the alleged UFO was above and moving away from the helicopter. Metabunk also nails the coffin lid of the UFO theory shut by pointing out that two jets were at, or near, the precise point where the helicopter spotted the UFO, at the time the UFO was sighted.

The Chilean government illuminated a sloppy investigation on the ground, not a UFO sighting in the air. [Image by Anna Vaczi/Thinkstock]

“There are likely TWO planes involved IB6830 and LA330. The plane that initially seems to fit best is LA330, a two engined A320, which was reported to be climbing through 20,000 feet at that exact visual position at 14:01:39. It was actually 65 miles away, not 35-50. This explain why it was not seen on radar (the actual plane was on radar, just not where they thought it was).”

Essentially, if the Chilean government had simply reviewed all available information as Metabunk did, it would have been difficult for them to call the video in the news a UFO video. The fact that the visual data supports a jet, and the fact that two jets that would match the description in the video, one more associated with the exact position of the sighting, and another very close, and in line with the time of the video, argues that the video cannot be taken as a reliable UFO sighting. It is impossible to speculate as to the motives of the government of Chile, but this video does completely undermine the assertion that this video belongs in the UFO news.

[Featured Image by Andrei Nekrassov/Thinkstock]

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