Chrissy Teigen Says She Wore Black To Obama Farewell Bash Because ‘It Was A Funeral’ For Her [Video]

Social media maven and John Legend better-half Chrissy Teigen had a very specific reason for decking herself in black at President Barack Obama’s final White House bash. She attended the star-studded festival to all things Obama with hubby John Legend over the weekend, and she was far from the only one. Celebrities from Beyonce and Jay-Z to Stevie Wonder and Oprah joined Chrissy Teigen and her crooner husband at the bash, and by all accounts everyone had a good time.

Everyone, that is, except Chrissy Teigen. According to the breathtaking model, she was so sad at the event, it was like being in mourning. She even claimed that she wanted to wear a veil to bid Obama farewell, noting that she’s never likely to be welcome at the White House again after the Obama’s vacate to make room for the Trump administration on January 20.

“I wore my black. I was gonna wear a veil. It was a funeral for me,” said Chrissy Teigen. “It’s sad. I’m never going to be allowed back again.”

As Fox News reports, the event has been described as “ultra exclusive,” (no cell phones allowed inside), and many who attended, including Chrissy Teigen, were among Barack Obama’s most stalwart and impressive A-list supporters throughout his arguably highly successful, two-term presidency.

John Legend spoke about his experience at the Obama soiree on his way into the Golden Globes on Sunday. Chrissy Teigen’s husband agreed that it was “a little emotional,” but he still called the event fun.

“It’s a little emotional. We’re all being nostalgic. I think they had a great term. We appreciate all the work they do for the country.”

While Chrissy Teigen, her superstar husband and loads of Hollywood’s biggest names flocked to Obama’s “going away party” in droves, incoming President-elect Trump is reportedly having a lot of trouble securing any A-list talent to show up (let alone perform) at his impending inauguration. In fact, in stark contrast to the Obama event (an event likened to a funeral by Chrissy Teigen, because it marks the end of something awesome), Trump can’t seem to get any A-listers to agree to perform for his big day.

In fact, as NBC News reports, while Chrissy Teigen called the Obama farewell “a funeral” and doesn’t expect to set foot in the White House again, Trump has only secured a scarce handful of decidedly C-list acts to attend his inauguration. The only confirmed acts are reportedly the Rockettes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and 16-year-old “America’s Got Talent” singer Jackie Evancho. Of those groups, at least one Mormon Tabernacle Choir member quit in protest, and a Rockette launched a petition to ensure that dancers to opt-out of the performance at their own choosing.

According to the president-elect, his lack of A-list talent is A-okay with him. Given her statement regarding never being back to the White House, it appears Chrissy Teigen believes him.

Despite her stark black and mourning mood at the Obama party Friday night, Chrissy Teigen apparently rallied on Saturday. She showed up at the Golden Globes as her normal, beyond-dazzling self. Teigan walked the red carpet in a light-metallic gown by Marchesa and completed the look with some Lorraine Schwartz jewels and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

“I don’t like to try on too many things. At this point, if I can walk in it, I’m comfortable.”

While Chrissy Teigen is clearly not ready for the Obama’s tenure in the White House to draw to a close, the first daughters Sasha and Malia are reportedly ready for their presidential dad to move on, and they said as much last year.

What do you think about Teigen and her mourning of the end of the Obama era? Are you excited for a changing of the proverbial guard, or do you agree with Chrissy Teigen and think that the Obama exodus is sad?

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Photo]