Braless Chrissy Teigen Creates Uproar At Golden Globes By Showing Off Her More Than Ample Assets After Calling John Legend A Loser

Braless Chrissy Teigen created quite a stir at the 74 annual Golden Globes Awards this past weekend by showing off her more than ample assets in her plunging gown at the afterparty. The model also created quite a buzz when she posted a picture of her hubby, John Legend, captioning the image “Bahahahaloser,” after the couple discovered the Golden Globes had misspelled the recording artist’s name. But John proved he had no hard feelings and planted a huge kiss on his cheeky wife at the Golden Globes afterparty, hosted by Warner Bros and InStyle at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday night.

The 31-year-old swimsuit model did look amazing that night, both at the event, as well as the afterparty, changing from a gold embellished gown into an extremely revealing plunging black gown, causing her to raise some eyebrows. Her black scarf, which she wore around her neck, and her slicked back ponytail helped to complete the afterparty look. Chrissy wore a Marchesa gown for the big film and television awards event.

A Winner, And A Loser

The multi-talented and award-winning singer and husband may have been the butt of his wife’s joke via her Tweets, even though the actor had been nominated for a plethora of awards for the musical comedy La La Land. The producer and supporting actor, who’s film was nominated for best picture, became the butt of his wife’s joke when the couple discovered the Golden Globes had misspelled his name on the place card at the award show, “John Ledgend.” The asset-revealing model tweeting an image of John holding up the name card, with the caption, “Bahahaha loser.”

The 38-year-old Legend was nominated for best picture as the producer of the musical comedy La La Land, which managed to pick up seven wins. John did reveal that the last time he had acted before his supporting role in La La Land was when he was still a teenager, revealing that he hasn’t really acted since being in Fiddler on the Roof when he was in high school. Legend further revealed that his big monologue from the movie was improvised.

They Really Are A Loving Couple

The loving couple showed us how cute they can be when husband John helped Chrissy with one of her earrings as the star-studded couple stood posing for their red carpet photos. During the pre-show red carpet interviews, John and Chrissy decided to take a seat on the stairs to talk to arrivals. Host Ryan Seacrest, who asked the shameless model if she had ever seen her husband with the jitters and she admitting that the only time she had seen John nervous was during the delivery of their daughter, Luna.

“Not at all, he’s never nervous. I think he was a little nervous in the hospital room but that’s it.”

The nominees for the Golden Globe Awards within the film and television categories are seen as a predictor as to how the Academy Awards may shape up in February, later this year. Ranked as the third most watched awards show behind the Oscars and the Grammys, the Golden Globe winners are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and are known for springing a few surprises, not unlike Chrissy Teigen’s controversial awards ceremony afterparty gown.

At least Chrissy’s asset flaunting gown did not steal all the attention from the night as husband John managing to walk away with several awards, and his name as an actor and producer still in-tact.

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]