WWE News: The Undertaker’s ‘Wrestlemania 33’ Opponent Revealed

The speculation regarding The Undertaker’s opponent for Wrestlemania 33 is at an all time high right now with the WWE Universe, but we’ve known who would be facing The Deadman on the grandest stage of them all for quite some time. After The Undertaker’s victory over Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 32 last year, the WWE Universe went crazy wondering if we had seen WWE’s Phenom in the ring for his final match,

More recently, a feud with AJ Styles was rumored for The Undertaker heading into the WWE Royal Rumble PPV, but The Phenomenal One will defend the WWE World Championship against John Cena at the event instead. Apparently, WWE made the decision to cancel the feud between Styles and Undertaker after Tom Casiello, who was formerly with WWE’s creative team, was fired. A lot of creative plans changed as a result.

WWE officials are currently making some “key changes” to the Wrestlemania card before the WWE Royal Rumble PPV, which may include the creative plans for The Undertaker’ match on the grandest stage of them all. It’s also been revealed that Undertaker will be the only “non-regular” WWE Superstar to be wrestling on the show. Needless to say, the WWE Universe just wants to know who will face The Deadman in Orlando.


The January 9th edition of Monday Night Raw will feature the return of The Undertaker for the first time in 2017. His last appearance on SmackDown has the WWE Universe under the impression that he is loyal to SmackDown over Raw, so his presence on Raw is covered in mystery. The assumption is The Undertaker will be announcing his spot in the ‘Royal Rumble’ match, which many people are expecting him to win.

After that, The Undertaker would have his choice to challenge for the WWE Universal Championship or the WWE Championship on Raw and SmackDown respectively. As of this writing, a lot of people are expecting Roman Reigns t0 walk out of San Antonio with the WWE Universal title, and for Cena to do the same with the WWE Championship. According to the rumors, The Undertaker could face either at Wrestlemania 33.

However, a report is claiming that even though Vince McMahon is interested in Reigns vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania, The Deadman will be facing John Cena on the grandest stage of them all in Orlando. Cena and Undertaker may face each other in a singles match, or WWE is still considering the idea of a Triple Threat between Cena, Undertaker, and AJ Styles in the main event of the show.


The only logic error with all this booking is WWE will be giving away John Cena’s historic sixteenth WWE World title victory away roughly three months early. On paper, AJ Styles could take the title back from Cena in February, which would make Cena’s win at Wrestlemania much more historic because he would break Ric Flair’s record. As if either result wouldn’t be enough, it could be the end of The Undertaker’s career.

The WWE Universe has been speculating since Wrestlemania 32 that every match for The Undertaker could be his last. It’s been heavily rumored that Wrestlemania 33 could be The Undertaker’s retirement match if he wins or loses on the grandest stage of them all. His match in Orlando will be his twenty-fifth on WWE’s biggest stage no matter his opponent, which makes everything the perfect storm for him to call it a career.

There’s still a chance WWE officials will choose another WWE Superstar to face The Deadman. That would make sense considering the reports of them changing the Wrestlemania card because the match with John Cena has been the most logical and obvious choice they could have made. The Undertaker’s return to WWE television on Raw will provide a lot of answers, and the rest will be revealed at the WWE Royal Rumble.

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