WWE News: Roman Reigns Expected To Defeat Kevin Owens At WWE Roadblock To Become WWE’s ‘Double Champion’ Like Conor McGregor

At WWE Roadblock, Kevin Owens may be defending the WWE Universal Championship for the last time against Roman Reigns. It was previously reported that Reigns would be reentering Raw’s World title picture in December, which came true after WWE Survivor Series. During last week’s Raw, he also defeated Owens clean to become the No. 1 contender and that gives him a lot of momentum heading into WWE Roadblock.

Roman Reigns is already the United States Champion in WWE, so he’d become an undisputed champion if he is successful over Owens in two weeks at the PPV. He’d be only the second man in WWE history to hold a WWE World title and the U.S. title at the same time. There is a lot on the line for both Owens and Reigns at WWE Roadblock. Whoever wins the bout will be heading into the WWE Royal Rumble PPV as Raw’s top hand, which will be a huge deal considering next year’s event will be one of WWE’s biggest PPVs in history.

Needless to say, the victor of Owens vs. Reigns will be an important decision to make for WWE officials. It has been reported that both titles will likely be on the line because as it stands currently, Reigns has more to gain than Owens. Regardless of how WWE sets up the bout between the two men for WWE Roadblock, they have already made their decision about who will walk out of the PPV as WWE’s undisputed champion.

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According to a recent report, WWE officials are leaning towards Roman Reigns defeating Kevin Owens at WWE Roadblock to become the U.S. and WWE Universal Champion. It’s well known that WWE officials are doing what they can to get Conor McGregor involved with WWE. The idea for Reigns to become the “double champ” is a way to make reference to McGregor, who held that position in UFC for a short time recently.

It’s unclear how the WWE Universe would react to Roman Reigns becoming “The Guy” in WWE again. That continues to be an issue, but the biggest problem is the future of the United States Championship because it isn’t likely that Roman will be holding both of Raw’s singles titles for the men’s division. There have been a few reports that Reigns could be dropping the title to Chris Jericho shortly after WWE Roadblock.

Another report claims that Roman could be dropping the WWE Universal title instead and eventually move onto a feud with Braun Strowman for the U.S. Championship, which could take place at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando next year. Obviously, there is a backup plan for whatever WWE has planned for Roman Reigns over the coming months, but there will be a lot more to question for Kevin Owens if he loses at WWE Roadblock.

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The feud with Chris Jericho is imminent for Kevin Owens, which is likely the way that he’ll lose the WWE Universal title. Countless times, Jericho has helped Owens retain the title in many big match situations. The upcoming match with Reigns could finally be the situation where Y2J costs his “best friend” the title, which would lead to their split and their feud. It would also be the face turn WWE has been building for Jericho.

Kevin Owens versus Chris Jericho could involve the WWE Universal Championship or not. That may be the reason why WWE wants to put both titles on Roman Reigns and let Owens vs. Jericho be a more personal rivalry rather than for championship gold.

The bigger question is what Roman Reigns will do with the two titles, and it’s not a stretch to believe Seth Rollins will be involved heading into the WWE Royal Rumble. WWE officials have an important decision to make because it will be pivotal heading into WWE’s biggest time of the year.

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