WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns To Surrender United States Championship To Chris Jericho?

Roman Reigns is back in the wrestling news, and the latest WWE rumors suggest that his, well, reign as the United States Champion is coming to an end. And he’ll be surrendering his title to a rather interesting, if questionably worthy, opponent.

That’s according to Fansided, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that Jeri-KO will be snatching victory from the jaws of Reigns’ defeat at the upcoming Roadblock Pay-Per-View event next month. Jericho, who has played an integral role in keeping the Universal Championship in Kevin Owens’ hands, is slowly becoming an MVP for the Raw brand. Fans can’t seem to get enough of Jericho’s interactions with Kevin Owens, and it’s this duo — especially when paired up against Reigns and his former Shield stablemate/current frenemy Seth Rollins — that form the so-called “Big Four” in the Raw brand.

More to the point, if Jericho takes the belt from Reigns, he could use his newfound status to help develop other characters like Sami Zayn and Cesaro. Reigns, however, is seen as wasting his championship opportunity — though that doesn’t mean he can’t get the Universal Championship soon.

Meanwhile, the latest WWE rumors from AAJ TV suggest that it is Kevin Owens, not Chris Jericho, that Roman Reigns needs to worry about. As it stands right now, Owens holds the Universal Championship belt, whereas Reigns holds the United States Championship belt. Both men have made clear that they would love nothing more than to hold both belts. So while, during Roadblock, Seth Rollins will fend off the incoming threat that is Chris Jericho, Reigns and Owens will tangle for a fight to the finish. Could the Roadblock fight mean that one of these men will walk away with both belts on his waist? (Or, in the case of Reigns, worn around his shoulder?)

Either way, it looks like Roman Reigns will be facing off against Braun Strowman for Wrestlemania 33, ending speculation that Reigns would be facing off against the previously infallible Brock Lesnar (who is still shaking off the disgrace from being felled by Goldberg after a 90-second fight).

Despite the fact that Reigns is currently enjoying a run as a face, he can’t help but get a lot of boos from the crowd, who still feel rather strongly about this wrestler. Could it be, then, that Reigns will turn heel again?

That’s the suggestion made by Sportskeeda, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that Reigns is still paying the price for being chosen as a premier fighter over Daniel Bryan.

Wrestling fans will recall that it was back in 2015 that Roman Reigns officially began to get a huge backlash from fans after he bested Daniel Bryan and took home the honor of winning the Royal Rumble of that year. Dave Meltzer, whose opinion is universally respected in the world of wrestling, suggested that if Reigns continues getting a babyface push, he can expect to continue to be on the receiving end of fans’ hatred for the rest of his career.

“For a long time now, experts such as Steve Austin, Jim Ross,etc. have openly stated that Reigns needs to turn heel in order to become an organic babyface. However, for reasons unknown to the general audience, WWE has stuck their guns with Reigns as a babyface and has insisted on pushing him that way. Now, every city that the WWE goes to sees a large portion of the audience booing Reigns.”

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