Chris Rock Argues That President Obama Is White [Video]

Chris Rock filmed a public service announcement for white America claims the Hollywood Reporter. His message was “if you are looking for a white candidate to support than President Obama is your man. Rock recorded the announcement and it aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday night. He recorded the bit as a satirical ad where he says he has proof that Obama is actually white.

Rock claims he filmed the ad in order to help Obama close the gap between Mitt Romney and the President among white voters.

Rock offers as proof that Obama feels comfortable playing golf wearing white people clothes, that he wears “mom jeans” at baseball games and that he danced on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Rock said in the clip:

“Barack Obama supports gay marriage. Most black men don’t even support straight marriage.”

Rock went through a litany of “proofs” that Obama is actually white.

Among his proofs he claimed:

Obama goes by the name Barry. In Rock’s opinion Barry is “the third whitest name on Earth.”

He Argues that after Obama graduated from college he began a career as a community organizer. During that time he went into black neighborhoods to rally black people to his causes. He said:

“How white is that? Black people don’t go into black communities. We don’t have to. We’re already there.”

Rock then displayed a picture of Barack Obama’s maternal grandparents who were wearing sunglasses in the picture. He said of the picture:

“They’re so white, they have to wear sunglasses because they’re hurting each other’s eyes.”

Rock then offers his closing argument. He says that Mitt Romney is actually blacker than Obama. He can prove it by juxtaposing a picture of Romney’s huge family with a picture of Obama’s family (which only consists of four members. Rock Said of the pictures:

“Look at that. Kids. Cousins. Aunts. Uncles. Mitt Romney’s family has more people in it than a Tyler Perry movie.”

He ends the PSA with his message that:

“Barry Obama, He’s Juuuuuuuuuuuuust WHITE.”

The President is behind Romney by more than 20 points according to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll. In contrast the same poll shows Obama’s support among non-Caucasian voters to be 79 percent.

Do you think that Mitt Romney is blacker than President Obama?

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