Samantha And Erika Busted Plotting To End Yandy Smith’s Marriage To Mendeecees Harris On ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ [Video]

Yandy Smith has already admitted that her marriage to Mendeecees Harris isn’t legal but that hasn’t stopped Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazo from trying to break them up for good. This week on Love & Hip Hop New York, Yandy is tasked with fighting for her “marriage” all by herself while Mendeecees watches the whole mess unfold from prison.

Yandy hasn’t seen Mendeecees’ other kids since he went off to prison. For most of Season 7, she’s been trying to work something out with their mothers, Samantha and Erika, so she can at least get the siblings together again. It was very important to Mendeecees that his kids all continue spending time with each other even when he was serving his time and now that he’s not around, Samantha and Erika have completely derailed the plans they all made before he left.

It turns out that one of Samantha’s best friends is going to clue Yandy into what’s really going on as fans can see in the newest Love & Hip Hop sneak peek. Koko called Yandy up and asked to meet with her, telling the Love & Hip Hop star that the meeting was about Erika’s son with Mendeecees but it turns out she had something way more sinister to share with Yandy Smith.

Rather than sharing concern about Yandy’s stepson, instead, she dropped a bomb by claiming that Erika and Samantha have been plotting to end Mendeecees’ marriage to Yandy. It’s unclear how that would work since she was never legally married to him in the first place. Maybe this way they can make sure those marriage papers never get filed and Mendeecees has no one waiting for him once he gets out.

“I have recorded conversations. This girl Erika would literally sit on the phone and try to come up with ways to sabotage you. It’s like Operation Yandy,” Koko revealed.

“Plotting and planning to do what?” a confused Yandy asked.

“To come up with stories to say that you’re cheating on your husband or he was cheating on you. To basically break your family up,” Koko replied.

“Apparently they wanted to keep the children away from you until everything hits the blog.”

Even though Koko really seems to care about what is happening to Yandy, she can’t help but be suspicious about the big reveal. After all, this is Samantha’s best friend dropping all the details of their recent scheming on Samantha’s biggest enemy.

It seems as though Koko is sincere, though, as she offered up an apology to Yandy. “I was also bamboozled into thinking that you were this horrible person,” Koko responded.

“And then Samantha started changing on me, and when I started seeing their true colors, I’m like ‘wait a minute, I’m not going to be caught up in this.’”

“I don’t even need to hear no more. I want those tapes. I don’t know what I’ve got to do. I don’t know how I’ve got to get them, but send them all.”

That’s when Yandy seems to see the light and asks Koko for those taped conversations. Rather than let Samantha and Erika catch her in a trap, Yandy decides that she wants to get a few steps ahead of the jealous baby mamas and beat them at their own game. She’s been battling with Mendeecees’ baby mamas since he left for prison last year and it would be pretty understandable if she’s ready to be done with all the drama. Not done enough to walk away from Mendeecees and give those women exactly what they want, though.

Will Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris stay together long enough to actually get legally married or will Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazer be successful in tearing the Love & Hip Hop couple apart? Sound off in the comments section below!

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