Christina El Moussa Dating Gary Anderson: ‘Flip Or Flop’ Star Confirms Long-Swirling Rumors

Christina El Moussa is officially dating Gary Anderson! The Flip of Flop star confirmed Monday what fans have long suspected: she’s moved on from ex-husband Tarek and has hooked up with contractor Gary Anderson.

As In Touch Weekly reports, just a few short weeks after confirming that she had secretly divorced her former husband, Tarek El Moussa, Christina confirms that she and Gary Anderson are an item.

Christina El Moussa is dating Gary Anderson.

The trouble began for the former Flip or Flop couple late last year when news broke that Christina and Tarek had been feuding in their marriage. Officially, the imbroglio dates back to 2015, when the couple was remodeling a pool. They hired Gary Anderson, a well-to-do, older divorced man.

As it would later turn out, Christina’s relationship to Gary may not have been strictly professional at that time, according to an anonymous insider speaking to In Touch.

“Christina grew close to Gary. Tarek was suspicious that she was getting involved with someone but had no concrete evidence.”

By May of this year, Tarek’s suspicions had gotten the better of him. The whole thing culminated in an ugly incident that led to the cops being called.

“Tarek saw Christina’s phone and [believed] there was some inappropriate texting going on between Christina and Gary.”

Tarek apparently blew up, and took a gun and ran out of the house. Christina called the police, and they convinced Tarek to give up his gun. The couple quietly divorced shortly after that.

For their parts, both Tarek and Christina have both publicly insisted that there was no infidelity during their marriage.

“Neither of us was involved in a romantic relationship with any third party prior to our separation, or believes the other was.”

How true that officials statement is is a matter of dispute. According to a recent In Touch report, the couple’s marriage, which has produced two children, was a sham almost from the beginning.

“There were secrets, lies, allegations of cheating, spying on each other, and screaming matches. It was the ultimate house of horrors.”

Christina El Moussa is dating GAry Anderson.

Whatever went down in their personal life, the couple put on a brave face professionally. Much of that probably has to do with their bosses at HGTV, who realized that the Christina and Tarek brand was larger than their personal issues. According to some rumors, HGTV threatened the couple with breach of contract if they didn’t finish out their contracts as a couple. Meanwhile, Flip or Flop goes on as if nothing has happened, and the couple is putting on a brave face for the cameras.

So what’s Christina’s new beau, Gary Anderson, all about? The divorced contractor has shied away from publicity, but it appears he may be coming to the relationship with some baggage of his own.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Anderson may have been something less than honest when reporting his income to the courts for child and spousal support. Anderson had claimed that he made around $128,000 one year when in fact, he’d made closer to a million. The courts took a dim view of that and raised his child support and spousal support payments.

Christina has refused to publicly comment on her new man’s legal troubles.

New episodes of Flip or Flop, with Christina and Tarek El Moussa continuing to host the show as a pair, air Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. on HGTV.

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