Jax Taylor Slams Grandmother On Twitter: Airs James Kennedy’s Family Problems?

Jax Taylor has been on Vanderpump Rules since the very beginning, and he is known for being a controversial person. Taylor is often criticized for being in his mid-30s, working as a bartender and getting drunk on a regular basis. Of course, Jax only shares a certain amount of events from his life, but people tend to judge him on that. But he has finally found someone to settle down with, and he has been dating Brittany Cartwright for over a year. The two are thinking about getting married, but Jax isn’t exactly rushing to get her a ring, and he isn’t exactly talking about wedding planning. And while he’s excited about the future, he is still showing some interesting sides of himself.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now showing a new side to him. Although he’s known for not listening to criticism from Vanderpump Rules viewers, he’s now revealing that he will fight back whenever people say something he doesn’t appreciate. And when he made a comment about Kim Kardashian’s return to social media after she was robbed at gunpoint last year, a grandmother decided to say something about Jax. But he didn’t hold back even though the follower was a grandmother.

“Is the idea here that Jax is better than Kim K. NOT,” one person wrote to Jax after he tweeted that 2017 was already ruined because Kim Kardashian decided to return to social media, but it was his reply to this person that was rather surprising and shocking.

“Don’t think I said that sweetie put the phone down and go spend time with you kids, nobody likes an annoying troll. Your a grandmother,” Jax Taylor tweeted back to the follower, who had written in her Twitter biography that she was a grandmother and a reality television lover.

It does seem odd that Taylor would get into a verbal argument with a grandmother. She didn’t reply to Taylor, but it sounds like it doesn’t matter who says what to him. Taylor won’t hold back if he reads something about him he doesn’t like, including the fact that the criticism comes from grandmothers.

But Jax Taylor is a controversial reality star, and he tends to say things that don’t sit well with people. Not only is he known for being a serial dater and cheater, but he also doesn’t hold back when it comes to his co-stars. Taylor has spread rumors about his best friends and even his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, but he has been very harsh with James Kennedy and Lala Kent on this season of Vanderpump Rules. And when someone accused him of being jealous of James, he pointed out some dirt about his Vanderpump Rules co-star.

“Jealous of a kid who lives on some kids couch and has to bus tables, your right you know it all. Broke and busted, yeah I am jealous,” Jax Taylor wrote back to a person, who had tweeted about him being jealous of James Kennedy, to which a person asked, “Doesn’t his mom support him, gets on my nerves.”

But Jax didn’t stop there. He is also close friends with Kristen Doute and she may have told him things about James that only she knew about him. But Taylor decided to share this information on Twitter to make his case as to why he’s not jealous of Kennedy.

“His mom stole Kristen’s credit card. Whole family is whack,” Jax replied to the follower, adding later on Twitter about James, “Jealous of a kid who lives on some kids couch and has to bus tables, your right you know it all. Broke and busted, yeah I am jealous.”

What do you think about Jax Taylor slamming a grandmother for sharing her opinion about him? And what do you think about Taylor’s accusations about James, saying that his mother stole Kristen Doute’s credit card?

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]