Floyd Mayweather Bet Sees Boxer Win $1 Million On College Football Game

The latest Floyd Mayweather bet has seen the champion boxer make a $1 million profit on a college football game.

Floyd Mayweather bet a cool $1.1 million on Oregon to triumph over Arizona State on October 18. Sure enough, Oregon romped home with a convincing 43-21 victory, bagging Pretty Boy Floyd $1 million in the process.

Like the totally classy dude he is, Mayweather then headed to Twitter (see below) to post a snap of his betting ticket from the M Resort’s sportsbook, run by Cantor Gaming.

As well as being known for his boxing prowess – he’s won all 43 of his 43 fights, with 26 KOs – the fighter is fond of making obscenely large bets on sporting events.

In September, Floyd Mayweather bet big on the Dallas Cowboys to win the second half against the New York Giants. The Cowboys obliged, earning the pugilist a cool $181,000. But even that pales in comparison to his latest haul.

Mayweather took to Twitter to brag about that win as well – strangely enough, we never hear about any of his losing bets. Odd, eh?

If you’re wondering how Mayweather manages to foot the bill for his gambling habit, the boxer was recently revealed to be the highest-paid athlete in the world during 2011 – he fought twice, defeating Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto, and pocketed $85 million for his troubles. His rise to the top of the list was achieved in less than one hour of time spent in the ring.

Are you a fan of Mayweather, and what do you make of the latest Floyd Mayweather bet?