Pee Wee Herman Presidential Endorsement: Paul Reubens Picks Barack Obama

Pee-wee Herman has at last made his endorsement in the 2012 presidential race.

To all the pundits waiting anxiously or undecided voters waiting for guidance from Paul Reubens, the pick is finally in — Pee-wee Herman is going for Obama.

In a long-winded editorial to The Huffington Post that was largely about ice cream and Hurricane Sandy, Pee-wee Herman eventually gets to his presidential endorsement:

“And while I have your attention as a blogger, please keep reading, for my presidential endorsement. Unless, of course, you’re one of those people who believe celebrities should shut up and sing. Then please view this clip of me singing ‘Bird is the Word‘ and/or ‘Girl on the Flying Trapeze.’

“For the rest of you, who have been waiting patiently, for who, I, Pee-wee Herman, believe is the most qualified candidate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, well, I’ve finally decided.

“For me, this election is like the choice between store-bought ice cream (maybe even diet Ice Milk), and mouth-watering, homemade, unbelievably delicious frozen custard. How did I arrive at this conclusion?

“This week President Obama was working hard alongside Governor Bruce Springsteen of New Jersey (boy, he sure has gained some weight) to help the people most in need. It struck me that the choice I’ll be making Tuesday is like going for store-bought ice cream when it’s obvious what you really need is homemade frozen custard. President Obama is like the delicious frozen custard you’d get at Kohr’s. President Obama has the 1.4 percent egg yolk solids needed to run this country.”

Pee-wee Herman’s endorsement of Barack Obama puts him with a number of other celebrities in favor of the president’s re-election. In the final weekend before Election Day, musical legends Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z were both stumping for Obama.