Duggar Drama: Dillards Still Lashing Out At Santa, And Who Exactly Is Derick’s ‘Maneater?’

Duggar son-in-law Derick Dillard took some heat recently for an announcement about Santa. Since then, he’s attempted to justify the incident. His wife, Jill Duggar Dillard, and mother, Cathy Dillard, are now joining in the task. Dillard also threw out another tweet this week attacking some unnamed female — might it be Amy Duggar King?

While the Duggar family hasn’t made much effort to express an opinion regarding Santa, they have said they celebrate Christmas a bit differently than some. In a video in 2014, Josh Duggar was featured in a video discussing the Duggar style of Christmas celebration. While he didn’t mention Santa, Michelle Duggar did say that their family uses banners to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Josh also noted that the Duggar household celebrates with only a tiny tabletop tree, though video by Jessa Duggar Seewald in 2016 showed a full-sized tree in the Duggar home.

One Duggar son-in-law, however, has been quite outspoken about Santa. Derick Dillard tweeted, then deleted, the following.

“Hey kids, Santa isn’t real!”

He later defended the assertion, sharing an opinion from a pastor who said Santa was superfluous. Neither Derick nor any of the Duggar family, however, defended the action of declaring this to other people’s kids.

However, while the Duggar side of the family may be remaining silent, Derick’s own mom and his wife teamed up to tell viewers that it’s not only Jesus who makes Santa unnecessary. Jill Duggar Dillard shared a photo of her mother-in-law Cathy and son Israel, with Cathy wearing an apron reading

“Who needs Santa when you have Grandma?”

It’s not clear if anyone actually suggested that Israel was being deprived by the Duggar’s style of Christmas, or if the defense was preemptive.

It’s not only Santa that Derick has a problem with this week, though. On Saturday, Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband tweeted again, referencing a Bible passage and throwing in a few hashtags that seem to be expressing a very strong opinion of some unspecified woman.

Be careful where and when you are.

While it’s unclear how one can be careful when they are, the tweet overall seems to be a warning against going somewhere that might be dangerous — literally or spiritually. The Duggar son-in-law’s Bible reference is four verses in Proverbs 7. The entire passage can be read here at Bible Gateway, but in short, it describes witnessing an encounter with an ‘adulterous woman’ and expressing a warning against the same.

Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband doesn’t name names in the tweet, but hashtags the phrase “she’s a maneater.” So, who is he talking about?

The timing could be a clue — Amy Duggar King just debuted on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Friday, and it’s well-known that her style isn’t totally in line with the Duggar family’s beliefs.


She’s even said that Jim Bob Duggar’s daughters aren’t allowed to visit her lest she corrupts them.

She’s definitely a person close to the Duggar family, whose relationship is front-and-center at the moment, and whose premarital sex life, in particular, is a matter where her beliefs diverge from those of the larger Duggar family.

(Though whether the definition of “adultery” includes premarital sex might come down to semantics and beliefs, we know the Duggar family has very strict stances on this, and that Jim Bob Duggar’s kids are not permitted to even kiss before marriage.)

She’s also gotten a couple of shots in at the Duggar family already — On Friday night’s episode, she said, “I was the ‘rebel’ Duggar. I wore pants.” According to ET, she’s also revealed that a family member — unnamed, leaving viewers to speculate — physically attacked her.

These are all reasons that any Duggar family member might be lashing out at Amy at the moment, and the timing especially calls her to mind — but the tweet could also have been about another acquaintance or a stranger on the street. Like Amy Duggar King did with her anecdote about being attacked, Derick Dillard left it open to speculation.

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