January 8, 2017
'Tom Clancy's The Division' 1.6 Update: Survival Unlimited Medicine Glitch Exposed – Concerns About Toxic Dark Zone Gameplay Community, Review Of Reddit Users' Concerns

Tom Clancy's The Division 1.6 update is to have a focus on improving their PvP/Dark Zone gameplay environment, and with recent rumors via a datamining leak revealed by a Reddit user, there has been some buzz going on regarding leaderboards, control points in certain areas, and microtransactions in the future.

There's also a matter of a newly revealed Survival glitch for unlimited medicine which is pretty interesting which hopefully the 1.6 update can relieve.

Discovery Of Unlimited Medicine Glitch In Survival

You may fancy coming across this juicy piece of information discovered by YouTuber "alboboby gaming" who is also a member of The Division Xbox One Community on Facebook. Now from the steps given to enable this glitch it is unknown if this is exclusive only to the Xbox One. It was also discovered via a Reddit user last month, too.
Apparently, the steps have to be done quickly, and there's not much to it except that you inject the medicine after selecting it from the menu, go back to said menu, and quickly share the medicine. You then just pick it up off the ground, and it's in your inventory.

In case you're in doubt, he's at a one count with the syringe and then it zeros out into the cool down phase. That's where you select it again and share it even though it's at zero. This sure currently makes Survival mode much easier.

Destiny Community Manager Talks PvP

This is exciting for some, but YouTuber Skill Up surmised that if Massive wants to create a higher interest in the MMO game, there would need to be some changes in the PvP environment that wouldn't have players so divisive on that format.What is interesting though that some time ago Skill Up had spoken with Bungie's community manager David "DeeJ" Dague in regards to the Destiny game and had asked a question about a decision to not include PvP gaming. Skill Up's intention was really aimed at an answer regarding PvP gaming for Tom Clancy's The Division, only he did it in a round-about way regarding open world gaming in general.

David gave his take on Skill Up's question on the kind of planning that would be needed on the part of developers in regards to PvP.

"If somebody was going to do this they would be a much smarter person than I. The social designers that created the world that the Guardians share made some extremely smart decisions."
He further went on to mention that there would be a desire to aid someone instead of hindering them as he went on to explain that he's been a "willing combatant" in these online shooters and having to deal with troll snipers camping and taking out players spawning at the Cosmodrome.
"That's not the type of game I want to play. That's not the type of community I would want to reside over and I'm glad that what we did was put all the Guardians together on the same team as a unifiedforce for good."

Does The Division Enable A Toxic Community?

Apparently, Reddit users have voiced their opinion regarding the Dark Zone/PvP set up as it has left a ton of players seriously discouraged and spoke of the toxicity in the gaming community. Skill Up also breezed through the topics that have been divisive in their stance.
There's one category of players where they actually enjoy the nature of the Dark Zone and that it should be cut throat no matter what and no change is needed. Then there's the other stance of where players do enjoy PvP, but the current nature of the environment drives them away.
The Division players that are of the latter variety wind up judging those that do prefer no change to the Dark Zone to be elitists, anti-social, and any other negative label that you can come up with. The other party proclaims the PvE players to be "social justice warrior Care Bear crybabies."

Is this something you want in The Division 1.6 update should Massive follow-through with the speculative change?

There is also a large consensus of how "Griefing/Ganking" have proven to be highly undesirable.

All in all, there's a line of thought on the part of Skill Up that the Tom Clancy's The Division 1.6 update may be opting to make it more appealing to those who do desire to play PvP, but don't have the requisites to do so. Considering there's a rumored control point format, this may bode well and with some sort of rules of engagement in place it would make the experience more appealing.

Do you think The Division 1.6 update/patch will resolve Survival's infinite medicine glitch? If you're on the PvP side of things, would a change to the Dark Zone change your opinion if the environment turns out to be more harmonious?

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