Grandchild Is Too Ugly, Colombian Grandma Returns It To Hospital Hoping To Swap For Another

A woman from Santa Marta, Colombia attempted to return her grandchild to the hospital where it was born. The grandmother hoped to swap the child out with another, because it was “too ugly.”

The unnamed woman convinced herself that the newborn was swapped at birth because it was simply too ugly to be related to her. She demanded that the hospital staff allow her to return the ugly infant and retrieve the child that belonged to her family.

According to Metro, only one other baby boy was born in the clinic on the same day, so the chances of an accidental swap were minimal. The hospital refused the strange exchange, resulting in the grandmother’s anger escalating.

According to the health secretary on Santa Marta’s council, Carlos Pallares, the grandmother was adamant about swapping the newborn baby and was quite angry when the hospital refused.

“The grandmother was not very happy. She did not identify the baby as a new member of the family and therefore she decided to come back to the clinic along with the mother of the baby to return him. The situation should be accepted. Sometimes biology, genetics play a role in these mistakes and we should accept them.”

The hospital conducted a full check up on the newborn before returning him to the irate grandma. They wanted to ensure that he was not harmed or otherwise injured.

The grandmother forced the infant boy’s mother to tag along. However, she remained silent during the interaction.

Although horrific, the grandmother’s actions should not lead to immediate judgment by the public, according to the Mirror. Chadan Rosado, the city council spokesperson, claims that the grandmother has been seeing a psychologist for her mental state. As a result, officials do not believe she should be judged for her actions, claiming she is not in complete control of her own decisions.

It is unknown whether the hospital staff was aware of her psychological treatments. However, they attempted to be as cordial as possible to the grandmother’s request, hoping they could convince her that the grandchild did belong to the newborn’s mother and that the biology of the child cannot be controlled, especially in the way that a child looks.

There was no confirmation whether the child was indeed hideous, or if the grandmother just viewed the child as being ugly. However, it is believed that the grandmother simply did not think that the newborn boy looked anything like her family, thus instantly believing him to be ugly.

After some coercion, the hospital staff was able to convince the grandmother that they could not swap the newborn baby boy with the other boy born on the same day. It is not clear whether they changed her mind regarding the biological connection between the boy and the family, but she did eventually leave peacefully with the boy’s mother.

Due to the psychological instability of the grandmother, the hospital is not sure whether she will attempt to return again hoping to swap the grandchild. There may be a chance that she will attempt to find the home of the other boy that was born that day and plead with his parents to complete the swap. However, it is hopeful that the newborn boy’s mother will work with the grandmother to convince her that the boy us her grandchild and that he should not be traded for another.

[Featured Image by Jesica Montgomery/Shutterstock]