North Korea’s ‘Hotel Of Doom’ Could Open Next Year

North Korea’s “Hotel of Doom” could open its doors as early as next year, according to the BBC. Considering the building has been under construction for nearly 26 years, many will believe it has been completed when they see it.

The Ryugyong Hotel is 105-stories tall, and looms impressively over the North Korea capital’s skyline. While it may look spectacular from a distance, the hotel has been in limbo for over two decades. Recent efforts have been made to complete construction on the project, though it’s anyone’s guess when or if the hotel will finally open its doors to the public.

According to the Daily Mail, the pyramid-shaped hotel located at the heard of Pyongyang is considered to be the 47th tallest building in the entire world.

Declared the “Worst Building in the History of Mankind” by Esquire magazine in 2008, the “Hotel of Doom” was supposed to be finished way back in 1989. Although construction on the building went well past its proposed completion date, the Ryugyong Hotel was abandoned in 1992 following an economic crisis.

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea reportedly inspected the building nearly 15 years ago. It was determined that the project was essentially dead in the water since the building was constructed using extremely poor materials. The delegation declared the “Hotel of Doom” to be beyond repair.


While it seemed that the hotel was doomed to stay empty for the rest of its days, Egyptian company Orascom Telecom reportedly began equipping the building in 2008.

Reto Wittwer, chief executive of the Kempinski group, told the BBC that the hotel could be partially ready for business by the middle of next year. However, only 150 rooms on the top floors of the building will be used as a hotel. The rest of the space will be designated for shops, restaurants, and offices.

Do you think North Korea’s “Hotel of Doom” will finally open its doors next year? Given the economic crunch the country’s citizens are feeling at the moment, do you think anyone will be able to afford to shop or stay there?