Angelina Jolie Allegedly ‘Poisoning Children’ Against Brad Pitt Amid Bitter Custody Battle?

Angelina Jolie is poisoning her children with Brad Pitt against the actor in the midst of going through one of the nastiest Hollywood divorces, it has been alleged.

The actress, who has reportedly made no efforts to come to some kind of agreement with Pitt regarding their ongoing custody battle, has somewhat kept the movie star on a leash as far as his visitation rights are concerned.

If Angelina Jolie had it her way, sources say she wouldn’t have allowed Brad to see the children at all, giving fans the impression that something must have triggered the actress to behave so irrationally toward the man she only married two years ago.

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Whatever the case may be, it is clear to Brad and his team that Angelina Jolie does not want him anywhere near their six kids, having already filed court documents, stressing that the 41-year-old should attain full custody over a potential joint custody ruling.

The bitter war that’s been going on between Angelina and Brad since their divorce filing in September is beginning to worry Pitt — mainly because the kids spend most of their time with Angie, and he’s now convinced that Jolie is trying to convince the youngsters to side with her.

Should that be the case, Angelina will most definitely have a better case in being rewarded with full custody of the children — especially if the majority of them make it known that they want to be with their mother and not their dad, for whatever reason.

The whole situation is hurting Brad beyond belief, a source tells Hollywood Life. He has minimal communication with his family while his relationship with Angelina Jolie has been non-existent since September.

While certain actions are being taken in order to fight the custody war against Angelina Jolie, Brad still fears that he could potentially find himself not being granted joint custody of his own children.

If that happens, there’s no denying that Brad’s career will greatly suffer from it, it’s being alleged by Telegraph. Having already being portrayed as an abusive father by Angelina’s camp, as claimed by Pitt’s team, losing custody of the children would be the icing on the cake to a situation that could tarnish his Hollywood reputation for good.

A source explained, “Brad is desperate to get this whole mess with Angelina over and done with. It’s turned into a nightmare of epic proportions for him and he can’t believe quite how bad it has gotten.”

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“As far as Brad is concerned, Angelina is doing everything in her power to keep the kids away from him, and it’s breaking his heart. Brad’s really concerned Angelina is poisoning the boys against him, and they are becoming more and more distant towards him with each passing day.”

It was just last week when reports claimed that Jolie had allegedly tried to prevent her ex-husband from seeing his six children during the Christmas period. Her request to have the visitation canceled was denied, which was said to have infuriated Angelina since she’s allegedly been trying to keep the kids as far away from Brad as she can.

“It’s clearly over between Brad and Angelina, there’s no going back from here, but obviously loves his kids and wants to remain a constant and active figure in their lives,” the source adds. “He can’t understand how she could be so vindictive and why she would want to cut him out completely from their lives.”

Their divorce battle is still ongoing. What do you make of Angelina Jolie’s decision in wanting to have their children allegedly see their father as little as possible ahead of the custody ruling?

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