‘Goblin’ K-Drama Episode 12 Review, 13 Preview: Grim Reaper Breaks Fans’ Hearts As Series Approaches Its Final Act

Goblin Episode 12 managed to do something that the last few weeks’ episodes were unable to do. It was able to fully flesh out the character of the Grim Reaper as he came to terms with his crimes in the past, and it was able to fully explore how the characters in the present reacted to these revelations. By the time the preview for Goblin Episode 13 aired, fans were in tears, as more tragedies appeared to be waiting for the series’ main characters with the K-drama heading towards its final act.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, the focus of Goblin began to shift to the series’ secondary pair, the Grim Reaper and Sunny, whose relationship has taken a backseat during the first two quarters of Goblin‘s 16 episodes. Episode 12 explored this angle further, fully fleshing out the details of the events 900 years ago that ultimately led to the death of Sunny in her past life and Grim Reaper’s slow descent towards self-destruction.

'Goblin' Episode 12 featured numerous tragic, intense moments.
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One thing that fans of Goblin have definitely appreciated in the series so far is the K-drama’s masterful cinematography and score. Even during the K-drama’s less important episodes, the quality of Goblin‘s direction, camera work and OST were undeniable. These factors were no less prominent in Episode 12, where numerous fans lauded the series for portraying grief onscreen in the rawest, most painful way possible for viewers. Goblin Ep 12 aired less than 24 hours ago, but online forums are already rife with numerous fans stating that they were in tears during the entire duration of Episode 12.

Despite the raw emotion that was masterfully depicted in Goblin Episode 12, however, numerous K-drama fans have noted that the character development of Sunny and Kim Shin have become less than satisfactory. For one, Sunny, who is Kim Shin’s sister in the past life and who was killed as a result of the king’s manipulation, has begun acting simply as an echo of her past self. Thus, for many of the Korean drama’s fans, it appeared that Sunny suddenly disappeared, forgetting everything that has transpired between her and Reaper in the present.

Apart from this, numerous fans have also taken issue with the way Kim Shin handled the revelation that Grim Reaper is the young king in the past. During the course of the episode, it appeared to many of the K-drama’s fans that the Goblin was not handling the information well, ultimately culminating in a scene where Kim Shin quite literally had Reaper’s throat in his hand, seemingly preparing to crush him. While the scene was undoubtedly impactful, Korean drama fans noted that it undermined the two characters’ friendship and bond, which had lasted for many years.

Kim Shin's actions in 'Goblin' Episode 12 was deemed unsatisfactory by numerous K-drama fans.
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In a lot of ways, the sentiments of Goblin‘s fans regarding Sunny and Kim Shin’s characterization are very reasonable. After all, in the case of the former, she is quite literally the reincarnation of his destined love from 900 years ago, and if there was anything that was proven in the last few episodes of the K-drama, it is that the young queen’s love for the king was unwavering, even up to her death. Thus, the sudden shift in her present-day personality seemed somehow out of place.

The same holds true for the way Kim Shin handled the revelation. It is undeniable that Reaper committed huge atrocities towards the Goblin in the past. Thus, Kim Shin’s anger towards the character was definitely understandable. However, the titular character seemed to be forgetting the fact that his anger should be pointed at someone completely different, considering that the young king’s actions in the past were the result of evil machinations that were quite out of Reaper’s control.

Goblin has so far taken its viewers on an unforgettable tour de force of emotions, and if the preview for Episode 13 is any indication, it appears that things are only bound to escalate further. If any, the tears in the eyes of the king in the brief teaser seemed to be a clear indication of where Goblin will ultimately take its viewers as it begins its deliberate approach towards its epic, definitive conclusion.

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