James T Harris: 'There's A Sickness In The Black Community' [Video]

James T Harris is a self-described "generational expert" who is a radio personality and has appeared on major news networks. He has been vocal about his political and societal views. In the wake of the incident in Chicago, in which an intellectually disabled white man was kidnapped by four black people who tortured the man and forced him to denounce President-Elect Donald Trump, Harris took to Facebook Live to share strong words about what he calls "a sickness in the black community that is spreading across the nation."

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson speaks at a press conference on April 3, 2016.
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Harris is black, and has called for "people of African descent" to speak out against the torture and hate crime that occurred. He speaks plainly about what he considers to be "the complete and utter breakdown of the family in the black community" and what he considers hypocrisy in how double standards concerning crimes committed by black Americans and crimes committed by white Americans continue to occur. In the video that the disabled man's abusers captured and posted on Facebook Live, they can be heard screaming 'F*** white people!" as the man cowers in the corner. The four alleged pre-trial felons are being held without bail for the crime. President Obama denounced the crime publicly, but Harris believes President Obama has not been vocal enough about crimes against white people.

Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter groups clashed during a protest in Chicago. Gun Violence continues to be a pressing issue, as 2016 showed a heavy increase in homicides this past year.
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At times during the video, Harris appears to be so emotional that he pauses and is unable to speak before he continues to share his thoughts. He begins by speaking about what he feels would have happened had the victim been black and the alleged captors white.

"Let me get right to the point. If a group of white suburbanites drove into the inner city of Chicago, kidnapped a black individual, drove him back to the suburbs, tied him up, tortured him, cut him, forced him to drink from a toilet, forced him to denounce Barack Obama, forced him to denounce black people...then they released him back to his own neighborhood, and they video it on Facebook Live...all hell would break loose. All hell would break loose...there would be rioting on a scale that would make Ferguson and Baltimore look ridiculous. You would have the NAACP, you would have the Urban League, you would have Black Lives Matter, you would have The President of the United States, you would have the attorney general, all hell would break loose..."
Harris' video was released on Facebook yesterday and has amassed over five million views with thousands of comments. Many are in support of his views, lauding his courage to speak out, but he is also called names in the commentary, including being called a "coon" and being told he does not understand the nature or definition of racism.

The eight minute video details what Harris believes "people of African descent" should do about this situation, which is speak out against the crime that was committed against the intellectually disabled man. Harris goes on to say that he thinks this crime represents a breakdown on the black family in the United States and says that there is a "sickness in the black community" in which black people who commit assault are not being held responsible for their crimes, and that the "left" is promoting violence against white people by spreading lies about alleged brutality against black people that has later been proven not to have happened.

He ends the video with emotion and says that if this crime is not as protested as other crimes have been, he does not want to hear and see protests about crimes that happen to black people by Black Lives Matter.

"I want to see more Americans of African descent speaking out against what happened in Chicago. If you don't, then shut the hell up on your Black Lives Matter bullshiggity!"
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