LOONA K-Pop Debut: New Blockberry Creative Girl Group’s Unconventional Promotions Getting Plenty Of Attention, Third Of Members Revealed

Last year, YG Entertainment debuted their new K-pop act Black Pink. The four member girl group consisting of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé had one of the most successful debuts of any K-pop act in Hallyu history. Probably the biggest reason why was their unconventional promotions. Usually, K-pop acts would include teasers, images and a snippet of their title track song’s music video. Black Pink changed things up by adding more to their promotions including dance practice videos and song covers. Not only that, they released not one, but two debut songs, a rarity for any K-pop debut.

Now almost every K-pop act after Black Pink, is pushing a unique angle for their promotions. Most of them are using the two title track song direction such as AOA with Angel’s Knock. However, others are using other means of unique promotions. When Rania re-debuted themselves as BP Rania with Start A Fire, they emphasized Alex, the first African American female member in a K-pop girl group. When Minx re-debuts as Dream Catcher, their direction will be much darker. Finally, K.A.R.D. aims to become the first co-ed group to earn true K-pop idol status.

However, the one K-pop act now getting plenty of attention for their promotions is Loona. Also known as Loona the World, the 12-member K-pop girl group created under Blockberry Creative has pushed the boundaries for pre-debut promotions. Every month, they reveal a new member of the girl group up to a year. Along with each member revealed, they will have teaser images and their own featured title tracks complete with music videos. Though they all have solo songs, newly revealed members will also collaborate with previously revealed members. In short, K-pop fans will get a whole year of teasers with new music by Loona even before Loona debuts.

The pre-debut promotions for Loona are actually known as “This Month’s Girl” in which the first member revealed was Heejin last October, as reported by Soompi. It was also revealed that each member will have their own teaser images and their own solo track song and music video.

Every month after October 2016, a new member of Loona was revealed. Last November, HyunJin was revealed in which her solo track song was “Around You” while her duet with HeeJin was “I’ll Be There,” as reported by AllKpop. Last December, YeoJin was revealed in which her solo track song was “Let Me In” and her trio with HeeJin and HyunJin was “The Carol.” This month, YeoJin was revealed as the fourth member. Right now, we do not have a solo track and/or a quartet song.

Blockberry Creative and Loona are doing all they can to keep the hype going as they have one of the strongest social media presences for any K-pop act. Along with their official website, they have an official Facebook, Fancafe, Instagram, and YouTube. The latter is where they are uploading all the videos, either they be music videos or behind-the-scenes videos. The solo track song music videos can be viewed here. HeeJin’s music video “ViViD” is featured on top of the article while HyunJin and YeoJin’s solo track song music videos, “Around You” and “Let Me In” respectively, are attached below.

At this moment, only a third of Loona’s members have been revealed. With eight more members to go, we can expect a lot more from this up-and-coming K-pop girl group whom are already making waves despite not having debuted yet. If the “This Month’s Girl” project continues as planned, Loona will most likely make their debut as a girl group either in September or October of this year.

[Featured Image by Blockberry Creative]