Rihanna Convinced Drake Flaunting Jennifer Lopez Romance To Hurt Her — Still In Love With ‘Work’ Singer? [Rumor]

Rihanna is under the impression that Drake is only dating Jennifer Lopez to hurt her, it has been alleged.

The couple, who famously broke up back in October, reportedly haven't spoken to each other since their nasty breakup, which led to both Hollywood stars dissing one another via social media, claiming that neither one of them was right for one another.

Fans were puzzled by Rihanna's claims about Drake not being the right man for her since it had only been two months before that when the "One Dance" rapper gushed about his undying love for the Bajan-beauty at the MTV Video Music Awards, having presented her with the Vanguard award.

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Several incidents behind closed doors, however, would eventually see Rihanna pull the plug on the romance, having never explained her actual reasons behind her move to part ways with Drake.

One insider at the time had claimed that Rihanna was desperate to start a family, have children, and settle down while Drake was allegedly more focused on his music career, with plans to release another album this year, followed by his anticipated European tour in just a couple of months time.

Whatever the case may be, Rihanna seems hurt by the fact that Drake is flaunting his relationship with Jennifer Lopez all over social media, knowing very well that it would hurt the "Work" superstar, who is said to be convinced that the rapper is out to get her.

According to Hollywood Life, Rihanna doesn't think that it's in Drake's nature to be making his relationship public with Jennifer. Even when the "Back to Back" superstar was dating his ex-girlfriend, their romance was kept under the radar for the most part, but now that he's with Lopez, Drake wants everybody to know about it — including Rihanna.

As previously revealed, the fact that Lopez is now seeing Drizzy is what ended up leading Rihanna to unfollow the pop star from her Instagram page, multiple sources claimed. The two had become friends over the past couple of years and Rihanna felt uncomfortable by Jennifer's moves to date a man she has shared an on-again, off-again relationship with.

But it's not Jennifer that's really getting under the singer's skin at this given point, it's her ex-boyfriend, who hasn't stopped sharing photos of himself spending time with J.Lo since making their romance official last week.

"RiRi's really angry with Drake. It feels like he's flaunting his relationship with J.Lo, knowing it would hurt Rih," a source tells Hollywood Life.

"Everything he's done since their split has been cold-hearted. They've always had an up and down relationship but Rihanna really thought he would still at least be considerate of her feelings. Drake said such sweet things to her, but now Rih feels like they were all lies."
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As the insider already notes, Rihanna would have thought that Drake would be more considerate of her feelings, having given her the impression that he was a gentleman, for the most part. But seeing how public her ex-boyfriend has been with Jennifer, Rihanna can't help but allegedly think that Drake wants her to feel hurt.

The "Same Old Mistakes" artist shared a six-year on-again, off-again relationship with Drake, so for all that fans would've known, Rihanna could have presumably seen herself getting back with the hitmaker in the near future — at least at a time when they were both on the same page as far as their future was concerned.

But at this given point, it seems as if Drake's intentions on being so public with Jennifer has rubbed Rihanna the wrong way, Life & Style alleges. Judging by what the source has claimed, Rihanna has officially given up on a potential reconciliation with Drizzy, should it be the case that the romance with Lopez doesn't work out.

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