Chicago Race Torture Victim Says Attacker Jordan Hill ‘Was My Friend’ Before Facebook Live Assault

A relative of the special needs student who was kidnapped and tortured by four Chicago teens says that her nephew only has one question after the assault: why did his good friend orchestrate the violent crime?

Reaching out to the Daily Mail early Friday, Janet Grant, the aunt of the publicly-unnamed 18-year-old victim, relayed to the publication that her nephew once “idolized” one of the attackers, Jordan Hill, also 18, when they took classes at the same Aurora, Illinois, high school.

“[He] just keeps saying, ‘why, why,'” Grant remarked.

“‘Jordan was my friend. He’s been my friend for a couple of years.'”

“They went to school together,” she further explained, “[and] they both had problems, but [he] adores Jordan. I don’t know Jordan [personally], but [my nephew] really liked him. It’s one thing if they didn’t know each other, but [my nephew] idolized him.”

Grant’s nephew was reportedly snatched by Hill after meeting his classmate at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant in Streamwood. After not hearing from the victim by January 2, the parents of the Chicago race torture victim called police and filed a missing persons report. The Chicago Tribune adds that shortly into the investigation of his disappearance, the boy’s guardians began receiving ransom texts from his captors, demanding money for his safe return.

Ultimately, a 30-minute-long video recording of the boy being berated, assaulted, and forced to drink out of a dirty toilet bowl, made its way to the eyes of the investigators. In the visual, which was streamed live on 18-year-old Brittany Covington’s Facebook page (the post has since been deleted), she, Hill and two other young adults; sister Tanisha Covington, 24, and accomplice Tesafaye Cooper, also 18, can be heard shouting, “F**k Donald Trump!” and “F**k white people!” as they punch and kick the frightened 18-year-old, who cowers in a corner of a room, bloody, bruised, and confused.

A clip of the Chicago race torture assault can be seen below. Please be advised, Inquisitr readers, that the following might be deemed disturbing by most viewers. Please proceed with caution.

Sources inside the Streamwood Police Department say that while the 30-minute tape was hard to look at, the entire ordeal may have lasted for as long as six hours. Initially, the boy was noted in the police report as possibly being an “endangered person due to his mental health history and [for] not taking his medication” as-of-late.

Evidently, the mother of the Chicago race torture victim always believed that her son might have been in Hill’s company all along.

“[He] told [his mother] that he was meeting a friend there but never said who,” the missing persons report supposedly reads. “[She] believes that the friend [her son] was meeting was Jordan.”

The mother also thought that her son might have been with a friend named “Derek,” but did not know his address or his last name.

After meeting at the aforementioned McDonald’s on New Year’s Eve, the boy purportedly climbed into a van that Hill had, unbeknownst to him, stolen from its actual owner, and drove off with his high school friend for points unknown. The duo were then said to have visited other friends for two days, while taking refuge in the van during the evenings, before making their way to the residence of the Covington sisters in West Chicago.

Sometime after arriving, the teen and Hill got into a play fight that quickly turned serious and led to the special needs student being humiliated and beaten for a prolonged period of time. Neighbors from a lower level in the Covington home eventually tired of cries they heard from the basement and discovered the victim after breaking the locked door down.

All four of the Chicago race torture assailants have been charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery, and a hate crime. Hill also faces charges of robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, as well as a possible residential burglary count. The collective was denied bail late Friday, as noted by Fox News.

However, despite the hefty sentences that come with the possibly guilty verdicts, the boy’s aunt still wants more — by way of an explanation.

“It’s not even about the punishment [to me],” Ms. Grant expressed. “[I] just [want to know] why.”

[Featured Image by Cook County State Attorney’s Office]