Republican Voter Arrested For Trying To Vote Twice

A Southern Nevada woman was arrested Friday for allegedly attempting to vote twice at two different polling locations this week.

Roxanne Rubin, 56, was taken into custody by investigators after arriving for work at the Riviera hotel. The Clark County Registrar has revealed that Rubin is a registered Republican who lives in Henderson.

Rubin allegedly attempted to cast two separate votes on Monday. Officials say she voted at the Anthem Community Center in Henderson before trying to vote a second time later that day at an early voting site on nearby Eastern Avenue.

Rubin’s alleged voter fraud was foiled when she arrived at the second location, only to be confronted by a poll worker who conducted a routine database check and found she had already voted. Rubin denied this and argued that the database used by the poll worker was incorrect.

Workers at the Eastern Avenue voting site refused to let Rubin vote and contacted the county registrar’s office, who then passed the complaint to the Nevada secretary of state, Ross Miller. Speaking late Friday, Miller said:

“There are two important points worth noting in this case. First, is that as we’ve said and demonstrated in the past, we take all elections complaints very seriously and investigate them thoroughly. Second, this demonstrates the integrity of the system. Someone thought that by going to two different locations they’d be able to cast two ballots. The system immediately caught that, the Task Force responded, and an arrest was made.

“It’s also worth noting that the Task Force has at least one other case of voting or attempting to vote twice in an election presently under investigation. We will pursue all such cases and complaints aggressively.”

Following her arrest, Rubin was booked on one felony count of voting twice in the same election.

Rubin’s home state of Nevada is a critical battleground state in the forthcoming election; the latest Nevada polls give President Obama a narrow advantage. However, presidential rival Mitt Romney has drastically reduced what was once a convincing seven-point lead for Obama in the Silver State.