Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Now Close To 100

The Hurricane Sandy death toll has passed 90 as residents and rescue workers on the East Coast continue the clean-up operation from the superstorm.

As the total number of deaths blamed on Sandy moves towards 100, 4.5 million customers in 12 states are still without power. It’s now estimated the storm could cost the US $50 billion, a significant increase on earlier estimates, which put the total costs around the $20 billion mark.

In a boost to the recovery operation, the National Guard is set to deliver a million meals and bottled water to New York residents who have been most badly affected by the storm. The city was hit by a monster 14ft (4.2m) tidal surge, destroying some properties and leaving thousands more flooded.

As the US mourns the growing number of those killed in the superstorm, New York is beginning to get back on its feet. Subway services returned to the city on Thursday, albeit in a limited capacity – four of the seven train tunnels that run beneath the East river are still flooded.

Above ground, fares on commuter trains and buses have been temporarily waived, part of a drive to tempt commuters off the highly congested roads.

Meanwhile, many fuel stations in New York and New Jersey have stayed closed. For some, the tension has proven too much – on Thursday, one man in Queens pulled a gun and jumped a gas station queue.

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