Natalie Portman Is Not Due To Deliver Until The Spring

Pregnant Actress Natalie Portman is almost due to receive her bundle of joy. The Hollywood actress is expected to give birth sometime during spring.

Portman already has one child with her husband Benjamin Millepied and the couple is expecting their second child from the current pregnancy. An insider close to Portman revealed that the Hollywood star expects to receive her bundle of joy in February 2017. If the source is correct, then we will get to see the Oscar award winner flaunting her baby bump at the Golden Globe Awards which will be held on January 18. The star has already received a Critics' Choice Award for the best actress in the film Jackie.

This year seems to have started off on a good note for Portman especially because she is expectant and also because of the award nominations for her acting. She might win another Oscar for her role as Jackie Kennedy in the film Jackie. This means she could receive an Oscar before she gives birth. The actress loves keeping her privacy and she tries to keep it as low key as possible if it does not involve her career as well as her activist endeavors. However, she has been maintaining an active life even when pregnant.

natalie portman pregnant
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Portman was spotted while taking a walk in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. She was accompanied by a female friend and her big baby bump was clearly visible. She looked happy and relaxed as they walked along the streets. The 35-year-old was clad in a long, checked shirt which covered her belly, a pair of sweatpants and some rubber shoes. She also had a scarf around her neck, a water bottle in one hand and her phone in the other. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she wore a pair of sunglasses which not only protected her eyes but also allowed her to walk around without people noticing that it was her.

Judging by the size of her baby bump in the recent photos, it appears that Portman's pregnancy is in the last stages. Pregnancies that size are usually in the third trimester. It is not easy to determine the duration of the pregnancy since the female actress has been relatively quiet about it. She announced her pregnancy in November together with her husband but the size of her pregnancy obviously means she got pregnant months before the announcement. This size gives her away and this is why she is expected to give birth anytime from now.

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"I'm a small person in general and you show a lot faster and more when you're small," Portman explained on The Tonight Show in December 2016.

This was after questions about her pregnancy started popping up, after people started getting curious about her due date. Despite being pregnant, the Oscar award winner has maintained her busy career. Other than the film awards, she is expected to appear in February's issue of W Magazine with fellow actress Ruth Negga. The two actresses have been named as some of the best performers of 2016 and they will be featured on the cover of the magazine. Their names will also be alongside 22 other high profile performers.

As for her pregnancy, it might be difficult to predict the time of birth based on the size of the baby bump. Natalie maintains that the appearance is because she is of a small stature but it is clear that she is expecting her bundle of joy anytime soon. This year is already shaping up quite nicely for the actress and though she is celebrating many breakthroughs, the highlight will definitely be giving birth to her second child.

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