Michael Jackson’s Sexual Abuse Accuser And Mother Write Tell-All Books

Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse accuser and his mother are both writing tell-all books about the alleged abuse Wade Robson suffered as a child.

Wade Robson, the man who accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him as a child, has written an explosive tell-all book about their inappropriate encounters, according to Radar Online.

michael jackson sex accuser and mother write tell all books

This morning, it was reported that Wade Robson’s mother, Joy Robson, is also writing a tell-all book, although it is still in the beginning stages.

The shocking news of Wade Robson’s tell-all book was revealed in a series of court filings in Robson’s suit against Michael Jackson’s estate.

“…on October 27, 2006, Defendants received … a draft of Mr. Robson’s book.”

Robson sent the defendants the documents after they requested for “all communications and recordings… related to allegations that Michael Jackson sexually abused children, including but not limited to allegations that he sexually abused [Robson as a child].”

Michael Jackson’s estate attorneys wrote in a letter to the court following the submission of the tell-all draft.

“… that Robson wrote a book regarding Michael Jackson and the alleged abuse, which he was actively shopping to publishers in 2012, just prior to filing this lawsuit.”

According to notations in the court files, the manuscript appears to be around 111 pages, although the actual text manuscript is sealed.

Wade Robson revealed more details about his tell-all book in his own deposition on December 12. He was asked by Jackson’s estate attorneys if he tried to get his book published, to which he replied, “yes.” However, when the lawyers continued to press Robson to name publishers, he backed off.

“Well I don’t believe any publishing house saw anything that I wrote. So, I didn’t send it to any publishing houses.”

michael jackson sex accuser and mother write tell all books

Instead of shopping around for publishers, Robson went ahead with the lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s estate in 2013, which was just amended last year.

Wade Robson claimed in his lawsuit that Michael Jackson and his company ran “a child sexual abuse operation specifically to designed to locate, attract, lure, and seduce child sexual victims.”

Wade Robson alleged that he was anally raped and forced to engage in oral sex and other X-rated acts with Michael Jackson. In the same court documents, it was also revealed that Wade Robson’s mother, Joy, was beginning to draft her own tell-all book based on their experience with Michael Jackson.

Robson’s team apparently found “old drafts of the memoir that she had emailed quite some time ago,” in March of 2011, when perusing her Yahoo email account.

The drafts were hidden in a folder called “A Mother’s Instinct.” Robson’s legal team produced the drafts as part of the discovery process.

Back in September, Wade Robson asked the court to add negligence claims to his graphic abuse lawsuit, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Robson filed a new complaint against the two companies that formerly controlled Michael Jackson saying that they fostered nearly a decade of sexual abuse.

“MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES were held out to the public to be businesses dedicated to creating and distributing multimedia entertainment by MICHAEL JACKSON, however, in fact, they actually served dual purposes.

“The thinly-veiled, covert second purpose of these businesses was to operate as a child sexual abuse operation, specifically designed to locate, attract, lure and seduce child sexual abuse victims.”

Robson, now a choreographer, first met Michael Jackson when he was just 5-years-old after winning a “dance-a-like” competition run by MJJ Productions in Australia, where Robson was born.

His family later traveled to California with Robson’s dance company when they performed at Disneyland.

Robson’s mother, Joy, had contacted Michael Jackson’s assistant Norma Staikos to set up a meeting. The family was then invited to stay at Neverland Ranch, where Robson slept in Jackson’s bed while his family stayed in separate guest quarters.

It was that stay when Jackson first abused Robson, according to his claims, at 7-years-old.

Robson claims that the sexual abuse continued until he was around 14-years-old until he started showing signs of puberty, at which point he claimed that Jackson was “no longer interested in him sexually.”

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