Paranormal News: Kentucky Hotel Shut Down After Violent Attacks On Paranormal Researchers

Today’s paranormal news features the Anderson Hotel in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky which has been closed for further investigation after multiple violent attacks on paranormal investigators, according to the Week In Weird. The hotel was featured on an episode of Paranormal Lockdown and has since been visited by many teams of paranormal researchers. Those investigations revealed a haunting that was shockingly violent, including investigators who claimed to be bitten by some unseen force during their paranormal research. A cameraman for the Paranormal Lockdown team made the news by actually showing alleged teeth marks that appeared in real time on his side.

Kentucky Ghost Tours states that by the end of the 1980s, the hotel had become a low-rent hotel and apartment complex. While the building does not have a history dating back hundreds of years, it saw more than its fair share of negative events. It built a news profile including serving as a focal point for drug use, prostitution, and death, according to researchers. Some of those deaths were more grizzly than others.

Did a suicide victim haunt paranormal researchers? [Image by Joe Golby/Thinkstock]

One paranormal research team found a mattress that appeared to be a mattress on which a woman had committed suicide years ago and covered with a blood stain. They took it to the room where the suicide occurred. The visitors even saw creatures dragging themselves along the floor. When the paranormal team from the Week In Weird investigated the site, they tested the stains on the mattress and confirmed that they were blood stains.

As if that were not enough evidence of paranormal activity, researchers also found a piece of wood that had all types of bizarre symbols on it. Some symbols appear to be runes, while others appear to be drawn from the occult and the Tarot. That wood picked up the moniker “summoning tablet” from paranormal investigators, which was unfortunate news.

In a reminder about humility, it turned out that the investigators had given the tablet an erroneous name. The tablet was taken to a room, and paranormal researchers observed that activity decreased in that room. The tablet could be more accurately called the “warding tablet.” The tablet has since been donated to The Travelling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult.

The Week In Weird team also had another startling revelation. As the last team to investigate, and knowing that it might be their last chance, they actually attempted to communicate with the entities. Some may question the judgment of this paranormal investigation team, and the team would be the first to admit that it was a risky decision. They provide a detailed account of exactly what happened, and it sounds fairly compatible with an experience in a building where one mattress placed in a specific location caused paranormal researchers to see creatures dragging themselves across the floor.

Did paranormal researchers make contact with the other side in Kentucky? [Image by Creatas Images/Thinkstock]

The one detail that is most shocking involves a member of their paranormal research team. He received multiple bite marks in real time on camera. The team states that they will reveal all of their findings in the news soon, but as they wrap up their investigation, they continue to watch the videos in shock. For now, theirs will be the final word, as the building’s owners are concerned about the violent nature of the attacks.

What is certain is that the building itself has attracted attention in both the news and in the paranormal research community. It has definitely provided some interesting data to put together and hopefully, at some point, will yield a key clue to decipher the sources of the haunting. When the paranormal researchers finally crack the case, it will definitely be front page paranormal news.

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