‘Blindspot’ Boss Teases New Tattoo’s Secret Message And More Season 2 Shockers

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Season 2B of Blindspot.

As Blindspot returns with the back half of Season 2, there are many mysteries to be solved and new enigmas to be teased in the series which revolves around the biggest mystery of all, Jane Doe. Jaimie Alexander plays the mysterious lead in Blindspot and, as the title suggests, even she doesn’t know the truth about her character. There is one person who does know all there is to know about the show’s secrets and he is Blindspot creator, Martin Gero. Looking forward to continuing season 2, Gero is speaking about Jane Doe’s new tattoo and the hidden meaning of that new marking, but that’s not all. The showrunner is also sharing teases and possibly a few hints in relation to some new shocking twists to come before the conclusion of the second installment of Blindspot.

Jane Doe Deals With Roman And Weller In Season 2B Of Blindspot

'Blindspot' returns with more mysteries. [Image by NBC]
‘Blindspot’ returns with more mysteries. [Image by NBC]

As CBS 8 reveals, much happens in tonight’s action-packed return of Blindspot, beginning with Jane’s (Alexander) bold move of erasing the memory of Roman (Luke Mitchell). As if that wasn’t enough to torment viewers, there was the shooting and subsequent torture of Patterson (Ashley Johnson), while Reade (Rob Brown) made his move on Tasha (Audrey Esparza) and Borden (Ukweli Roach) followed his own game plan. To say Blindspot is wrought with suspense and mystery would be putting it very mildly, but, fortunately, Martin Gero is offering up his thoughts in hopes of putting some sense to the current Blindspot story arcs.

To begin, Gero says Jaimie’s Jane Doe and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) are finally coming back from having fallen into a bad place, as far as their relationship dynamic in previous episodes is concerned. While Jane and Weller have definitely had their conflicts in the past, the Blindspot creator says the pair are stronger together than they are apart and feel inexplicably drawn to each other. They work well together and have developed a great chemistry, which will be helpful in the way Jane relates to Roman.

Gero confirms that Jane really did have Roman’s memory erased, even though there might have been some suspicion that it had just been a ploy or a setup for a future Blindspot plot twist. He adds that, while the memory alteration has happened, it will still raise greater issues for Jane Doe and Weller. Roman can still be a threat, so it will have to be determined how to best to deal with him, whether to turn him over to the CIA or find some other resource to take care of him.

“It’s an ever-shifting environment with Roman, because he’s a huge asset but he’s incredibly volatile and dangerous,” says the Blindspot showrunner. “They don’t want to let him out of his cage, but realize at a certain point that they don’t have a choice.”

Martin Gero Teases The Big Tiger On Jaimie Alexander’s Neck

‘Blindspot’ explores Jane Doe’s relationships and explores a new tattoo for Jaimie Alexander. [Image by NBC]

In talking with TV Guide, Gero shares that a tattoo that nearly made its way onto Jane Doe’s neck, that of a very ferocious tiger, still plays a big part of Jaimie’s Blindspot story arc, even though it was something ultimately rejected by Sandstorm. Gero says there’s more to come on that tiger, including its meaning in relation to Jane Doe’s story.

“That’ll be solved sooner than you think, is the good news. We’re always looking for ways to play with the iconography with our show, and we had this idea of the test version of Jane, and what was left off,” says the Blindspot boss. “And I think it really plays into the Roman storyline in a nice way in the next couple episodes. You won’t have to wait too long.”

Blindspot scenes with Borden have revealed the character as a very efficient fighter, but Martin says the fight sequences might have proven inadequate, if it hadn’t been for Ukweli Roach’s real abilities. Gero reveals that, aside from his Blindspot training requirements, Roach is a gifted performer and dancer, so it was helpful to incorporate those talents into his character’s persona.

“He’s an incredibly gifted dancer, so it’s been incredibly nice to show his physicality on the show, because that fight sequence is amazing,” the Blindspot creator says of Ukweli. “That’s both of them — that’s actually Ukweli and Sullivan for the whole thing and they did an amazing job.”

Also shocking to Blindspot fans was the kiss shared by Reade and Tasha, which was something that may turn out to be an awkward moment, as Season 2B of Blindspot progresses. Gero says everything Reade has been through in the recent past on the show has deeply affected him and left him feeling lost and vulnerable, suggesting that the kiss, while inevitable, may have come too soon.

“He and Tasha have a real rocky road ahead but they have a love that’s going to carry them through that,” adds Blindspot‘s Gero.

Blindspot, starring Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, and Rob Brown, airs Wednesdays on NBC.

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