Holyfield Files Suit Against Auction House To Stop Memorabilia Sales

Evander Holyfiled filed a lawsuit this week in an attempt to stop the sale of some of his boxing memorabilia by Julien’s Auctions.

According to Fox Sports, Holyfield is attempting to block the sale of 20 items at the auction, including the gloves he used to fight Mike Tyson in 1996, the robes he wore at the Olympics, and a Father of the Year award. The lawsuit claims that the auction, which contains more than 400 items, would only suffer a “dip in income” if these items were removed.

The lawsuit reads:

‘If Holyfield is forced to sell those few items of personal property that have the very most sentimental value to him as he looks back over his career, and which he wants to pass down to future generations of his family, the hardship is overwhelming and irreparable.”

Julien’s Auctions President and CEO Darren Julien said that he received approval from Hollyfield earlier this year to put the items up for sale.

According to the lawsuit, Holyfield hastily put together a list of memorabilia to put up at auction when he had to vacate his Georgia home due to foreclosure. The boxer said that he was distracted and didn’t realize some of his prized possessions would be sold at auction.


Julien argues that the list had already been approved and that Holyfield was advanced hundreds of thousands of dollars by the auction house.

If the 20 items are removed from the auction, Julien’s will still have plenty of Evander Holyfield memorabilia to offer. Another set of gloves that Holyfield used to fight Tyson, the trunks he was wearing when Tyson bit his ear off, and his 1992 WBA Boxer of the Year Award will go up for auction.

The auction is scheduled for November 30.

Do you think Julien’s Auction House should remove some of the Holyfield memorabilia?