‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Elimination Order: Who Gets Nick Viall’s Roses And Who Heads Home Early?

Nick Viall’s journey to find lasting love has started on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season and he is facing quite a few eliminations on the way to doling out his final rose. Gossip guru Reality Steve is back with spoilers and he has revealed all of the scoop regarding who heads home early and who sticks around for a while. Which bachelorettes are eliminated when as Season 21 plays out?

Viewers already saw the first eliminations during the premiere and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that another ofour ladies will head home in Episode 2. Liz Sandoz shares a racy past with Nick and the two shared some awkward moments as they first faced one another again. It seems that more awkward moments come during a group date in the next show and Viall sends her home. He’ll also eliminate Hailey Merkt, Lacey Mark, and Elizabeth Whitelaw.

The Bachelor spoilers share that a Backstreet Boys concert comes in Episode 3 and Vanessa Grimaldi gets an individual date. Another outing involves a track and field competition, and Dominique Alexis will be eliminated during the after party. There is reportedly no rose ceremony during this show, but there is a pool party, and viewers will see Christen Whitney and Brittany Farrar left without roses.

'The Bachelor' lead Nick Viall is handing out roses this winter

Episode 4 takes Viall and the ladies to his hometown near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Danielle Lombard gets a one-on-one with Nick that seemingly goes well enough for her to be safe from elimination. A group date will take place at a dairy farm with 13 bachelorettes, and Raven Gates gets an individual outing with the Bachelor star as well. Spoilers note that Kristina Schulman will get the rose and Raven gets one during her time with Nick as well. Later, Sarah Vendal and Astrid Loch are eliminated.

When it comes to Episode 5, Nick and his remaining 13 ladies reportedly head to New Orleans, Louisiana. Rachel Linsday gets her first individual date with Viall, and she gets a rose. The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve tease that Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan will head out on the dreaded two-on-one, and after some time in the bayou and a tarot card reading, Corinne gets the rose and Taylor heads home.

There’s also a group date for 10 bachelorettes in this show, and they head with Nick to a haunted mansion to stay overnight, and Danielle Maltby gets the rose. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers share that Viall cancels the next cocktail party and he ends up eliminating Josephine Tutman, Alexis Waters, and Jaimi King.

Nick and his remaining nine ladies head to St. Thomas for Episode 6 and Bachelor spoilers note that Kristina Schulman gets a one-on-one while there is a second two-on-one that involves Whitney Fransway and Danielle Lombard. Kristina’s date goes well enough that she’ll be sticking around, and Viall initially keeps Lombard over Fransway on that two-on-one. However, teasers from Reality Steve reveal that when Danielle tells her Bachelor beau that she’s falling in love with him over dinner, he ends up eliminating her as well.

'Bachelor' star Nick Viall reportedly finds love this season

Episode 6 also has an outing where six ladies join Nick for a volleyball game. While the winning team of Raven, Corinne, and Rachel was supposed to get alone time with Viall, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the losing team apparently was crying and so they got to stick around.

Raven reportedly scooped up the group date rose, but Bachelor spoilers reveal that Viall eliminated Jasmine during the after party. Interestingly, it seems that as she’s being eliminated, she’ll toss out the fact that she previously slept with one of his friends. Since three bachelorettes were all sent home during dates, there is no rose ceremony during this show.

Viall and his remaining six bachelorettes go to the Bahamas for Episode 7 and Grimaldi is the first bachelorette to get a second one-on-one. Danielle and Rachel also get individual outings, and Bachelor spoilers indicate that Nick cuts Maltby at that point.

Raven is said to get the rose when she, Corinne, and Kristina go swimming with Nick and some sharks. Rather than eliminate one of the other gals at the rose ceremony, Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that Viall went to the hotel room to talk individually with Kristina and eliminate her.

That means that Raven, Rachel, Corinne, and Vanessa all get hometown dates where they introduce Viall to their families. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail before the next eliminations, someone familiar to viewers showed up to talk to Nick, and the show will surely tease this in a big way as the episode nears. Just who shows up and what does she say to Viall?

Andi Dorfman reportedly stops by 'The Bachelor' this winter to talk to Nick Viall

The gossip guru reveals that the mysterious woman turns out to be Andi Dorfman, but she’s hardly returning to try to reunite with Nick. She seemingly gives him some advice and then Viall goes on to eliminate Olympios.

The group heads to Finland from there, and as Wetpaint notes, the extended spoiler preview for the season does appear to confirm that Rachel will be in the mix of things at that point. The Bachelor spoilers detail that Rachel is eliminated in Finland at the time of the overnight fantasy suite dates, leaving Raven and Vanessa as the final two.

Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that Nick chooses Vanessa and proposes, leaving Raven eliminated. How is the couple doing now? It sounds as if they are together and technically engaged, but the Bachelor duo is working through some obstacles and things are supposedly a bit rocky. The finale doesn’t air until March, so viewers will have to hang tight for a bit to see if all of these eliminations play out as reported.

Do you think that Vanessa Grimaldi snags Nick Viall’s final rose and will the couple last? ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season is now airing on Monday nights, and viewers will be quite curious to see how things progress.

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