‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 852: Sanji Unites With Luffy And Nami After Jinbei Rescues Them – Straw Hats Pirates Confront Big Mom? [Spoilers]

Popular Japanese manga One Piece is nearing an epic confrontation that might signal the end of the Big Mom arc or the Whole Cake arc. In the previous chapters, all the members of Luffy D. Monkey’s Straw Hats pirates were facing either facing enemies or on the verge of escape from the Yonko’s clutches in various sections of the Whole Cake Chateau.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 851 spoilers and Chapter 852 speculations ahead]

The previous chapter of One Piece manga is critical for the development of the current arc. Sanji had been head over heels in love with Big Mom’s daughter, Lady Pudding. Her soft features and even softer heart were more than enough to melt the chef’s already vulnerable heart. The love-struck chef even prepared a delicious meal for Pudding because she was absent from the banquet.

However, as he quietly listened to Lady Pudding’s revelation about her true nature and the cruel plans she and Big Mom had hatched, Sanji’s heart was crushed. Although deeply disappointed and dejected, Sanji did not barge into Lady Pudding’s chambers demanding an answer for the betrayal. Surprisingly, even though Pudding ridiculed Sanji, and revealed that the Big Mom clan planned to murder the entire Vinsmoke clan, Sanji stood soaking wet outside on the balcony while plans for the massacre of his family were being revealed inside.

Sanji’s stoic posture is an indicator that he won’t confront Lady Pudding. Moreover, he is acutely aware that Pudding is packing a 0.36 caliber percussion revolver that can kill him as well as his sister Reiju. After Pudding revealed the cruel plans and implied that it was she who had grievously injured the only daughter of the Vinsmoke clan, the Big Mom’s innocent-looking but downright devious daughter proceeded to reach into Reiju’s mind and extract her recent memories. Pudding has the ability to edit memories. Using her ability, Pudding altered Reiju’s memories to eliminate any recollection of the disastrous conversation and even wiped out the fact that it was she who shot Reiju.

It is amply clear Sanji understands that confronting Pudding won’t end well as Big Mom already has the “Clonable Army” at her doorstep, and hence eliminating the Vinsmoke clan a day earlier won’t make any difference. Hence it is quite likely Sanji would attempt to reconcile with Luffy. The leader of the Straw Hats pirates is already pinning for Sanji, and hence the reunion won’t be hard on either one of them.

Meanwhile, in the Treasure Room, Brook stood against the Yonko herself. Despite his diminutive size, or the fact that Big Mom controlled a lot of soldiers as well as the power to summon thunder and lightning, Brook never cowered in fear. Interestingly, Charlotte Linlin is aware that Brook is there to steal the Road Poneglyphs. But she wants to know why he isn’t rescuing Sanji. Brook responds saying he has faith in Black Leg.

Incidentally, Brook is known as the “King of Soul” and has proven his ability to overpower Big Mom’s Chess Barbarian Army with his soul music. Hence it is likely he will use his music to attempt escaping from Big Mom’s clutches.

One Piece manga’s most explosive revelation was Jinbei’s entry. The “Knight of the Sea” is a close friend of Luffy. Just as the situation appeared hopeless for Luffy and Nami, the whale shark fish-man and the second captain of the Sun Pirates blasted through the walls and overpowered the guard stationed to watch the prisoners.

With Jinbei bursting out on the scene, Luffy and Nami’s escape appears to be a near certainty. Moreover, Carrot and Chopper have finally figured out how to operate Brulee’s Mirror World. With Carrot’s portraits and the reflective surfaces scattered throughout the Whole Cake Island, the entire Straw Hats gang could easily escape from wherever they are in the Whole Cake Chateau.

Chapter 852 of One Piece manga is expected to be released without a break. How will Sanji react to Lady Pudding’s sinister plot and the fact that she has hurt his sister Reiju? Will Brook steal the Road Poneglyphs or will he be trapped by Big Mom? Hopefully, mangaka Eiichiro Oda will reveal answers to these exciting questions in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga]