Lisa Rinna On Kim Richards: Viewers To See Unexpected Evolution In Relationship

The preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode shows that viewers will see Kim Richards hanging out with the housewives during a game night that her sister, Kyle Richards, hosts in her home. The game night apparently wasn’t without any drama however, for the preview shows Dorit Kemsley and Eileen Davidson arguing with one another. It also shows Kim arguing with Lisa Rinna about what happened during the Amsterdam trip that took place in a previous season, specifically when they almost came to blows in a restaurant after Kim implied that Lisa’s husband, the actor Harry Hamlin, was guilty of some scandalous behavior.

Will viewers once again see Kim and Lisa at one another’s throats as the current season progresses? Or will viewers actually see them make amends with one another? In an interview with Bravo that was posted on its website on Tuesday, Lisa talked about what viewers will see when it comes to her and Kim. Apparently, it’ll be something quite unexpected.

“What I can tell you is, my going into this season, is really about how can I move on, let go and heal? Because I lost my father and it really changed the way I look at life. And so obviously Kim Richards and I have a, we have something, we have something that is stagnant and you can’t move it right? So you will see an evolution take place of some kind this season and I don’t think anyone will expect what happens. I can tell you that.”

Lisa’s statement that she went into the season intending to let go and move on from the past and that viewers will see her relationship with Kim evolve seems to indicate that viewers will indeed see her and Kim move on from their past drama and perhaps even become friendly with one another.

Yet the preview shows that the relationship may get worse before it gets better. With everyone seated around a table, Kim denies to Lisa that she ever said anything about Harry.

“I never said anything about your husband.”

Incensed at the denial, Lisa lashes out at Kim. Lisa goes so far as bringing up Kim’s recent brush with the law.

“Yes you did. How dare you. Are you kidding me? Let’s talk about your arrest!”

When Kim and Lisa get into it with one another, Kyle, perhaps having flashbacks of what happened in Amsterdam, looks very upset. Upon Lisa mentioning Kim’s arrest, Kyle covers her mouth with her hands and looks as if she’s about to cry.

In August 2016, Kim was arrested for shoplifting about $1,000 worth of merchandise from a Target store in Van Nuys. It was actually Kim’s second arrest in recent times. In April 2015, she was arrested at the Beverly Hills hotel for public intoxication. Kim entered rehab after both arrests.

How is Kim doing now? As the latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode aired on Tuesday night, Kyle Richards, in response to a tweet from a viewer asking how Kim’s doing, said that her sister is doing great.

On Season 5, when Kim Richards was still a starring housewife, the cast took a trip to Amsterdam. Prior to the trip, Lisa Rinna and Kim already had tension with one another as Lisa questioned Kim’s sobriety. In Amsterdam, things between the two came to a head when during dinner in a restaurant, Kim lashed out at Lisa for questioning her sobriety with the other women. When Lisa defended herself by saying that she and the others were just concerned for her, Kim shot back that she’s concerned for Lisa and her “situation” at home.

Then co-star Yolanda Foster tried to diffuse the situation by saying that Lisa had good intentions, pointing out that her husband has been sober for only a few years.

“Let’s talk about the husband,” Kim immediately suggested.

Lisa, in shock that Kim would suggest something inappropriate regarding her husband, asked Kim if she really just said what she did.

“Lets not talk about what we don’t want out,” Kim threatened.

Lisa became enraged. She stood up from the dinner table and seemed as if she was going to lunge towards Kim. When Kim continued on with her threat, saying that “everybody will know,” Lisa threw a wine glass down on the table towards Kim’s direction. At that point, Kyle was so upset and frightened that she practically ran out of the restaurant.

The question of exactly what Kim was referring to when it came to Harry Hamlin became something of a running joke between Lisa and Harry, both of whom made it clear that they weren’t hiding anything. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that episode aired, Harry tweeted the hashtag “#WhatDidHarryDo” and publicly praised Lisa for “kick[ing] some serious booty.”

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