Samsung Galaxy Note 8: 4K Display Confirmed As First Official Statements On Flagship Phablet Get Released

For some time, it became questionable if the Galaxy Note 8 would ever see the light of day. After the massive fiasco that was the Note 7, numerous Samsung fans began wondering if the esteemed phablet line would be scrapped for good. Rumors have largely been conflicting about the device, though more recent speculations have pointed to the Galaxy Note 8 being released later this year. As it turns out, these rumors appear to be accurate, as an official from the South Korean tech giant has given what appears to be the first official confirmation of the flagship phablet's upcoming release.

The official statement, reported by South Korean publication Business Korea, was from an anonymous Samsung official. If the Samsung official's statement proves to be correct, there is a pretty good chance that the Note 8 might become the phablet to beat in 2017. In a lot of ways, the anonymous Samsung official's statements do make sense, especially since the South Korean tech giant was the forerunner of the phablet industry with its first Galaxy Note, which was released five years ago.

"The Galaxy Note 7 was very popular before user reports began circulating about devices that exploded or caught on fire while charging. As the phablet market, which was developed by Samsung Electronics, has been growing, the company will release the Note series this year again."
Samsung seems to be betting on the Note 8 to salvage the phablet line's reputation that was damaged due to the Note 7 disaster.
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While the alleged confirmation of the Galaxy Note 8 is already music to the ears of fans, another official's statement, this time coming from a Samsung Electronics partner firm, teased a very notable feature that users have been requesting for years - a 4K display. According to the official, the upcoming phablet would not only carry the most formidable specs that the South Korean tech giant has ever placed on a mobile device, it would also feature a full-on 4K display for the best mobile VR experience currently imaginable.

"Samsung will introduce 2K resolution displays in the Galaxy S8, but it will use 4K resolution displays in the Galaxy Note 8 to realize improved virtual reality (VR) functions. I heard that it will connect with new Gear VR wearable."
While these official statements are yet to be verified, their contents do line up with current rumors about the device. Recently, numerous speculations about the upcoming phablet have pointed to the Galaxy Note 8 being Samsung's most powerful mobile device ever, designed to both outdo its competition and redeem itself from last year's exploding Note 7 fiasco. The South Korean tech giant has yet to confirm the majority of the device's features, but the phablet's speculated specs and features have been very encouraging so far.

The Galaxy Note series is one of Samsung's most acclaimed line of mobile devices.
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Numerous rumors point to the Galaxy Note 8 being equipped with a new A.I. assistant that is designed to give Apple's iconic Siri a run for her money. According to rumors, Samsung's upcoming digital assistant, codenamed Bixby, would be capable of performing more intricate tasks than its Apple rival, according to BGR. Apart from this, speculations are also abounding that the Note 8 would feature a Snapdragon 835 chip and up to 8GB of RAM. If these rumors prove to be true, Samsung's next flagship phablet would be a very formidable machine indeed.

Perhaps what is most interesting about current Note 8 rumors, however, are speculations stating that the upcoming phablet would be equipped with a fully revamped S-Pen. As noted by numerous Samsung fans, it is the S-Pen that truly makes the Galaxy Note 8 unique. Thus, if the South Korean tech giant could manage to reinvent its flagship phablet's most distinct feature, it could very well reinvent its damaged brand as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would most likely be a massive hit among consumers this 2017. After all, prior to the extremely embarrassing Note 7 fiasco, Samsung's Note series were the devices to beat in terms of raw power, design, and productivity. The Note 8 is arguably Samsung's most important device in years, but if rumors are true and if the reports of the device's official announcements are accurate, then Samsung's future in the phablet market might as well be set in stone.

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