‘Ladies Of London’ Caroline Stanbury Knows About Adela King’s Custody Battle?

Mary Jane

Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury seems to be the victim of various arguments on this season of the show, as she was very offended and hurt by her sister-in-law's comments and lack of support. Sophie Stanbury is new to the cast on this season of Ladies of London, and she didn't plan on fighting with Caroline. But while some people are attacking Stanbury on this season of Ladies of London, others are finding some solitude in Stanbury. And Adela King, one of her oldest friends, recently opened up about her custody battle on the show even though she's not an official cast member.

According to a new Bravo report, Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury was all ears during last week's episode of the show where King opened up about her custody struggle. On the show, King hasn't really said much about her children and her family, because she's just a friend of the wives. But Caroline has known Adela for years, and she may have known everything that she was going through when she broke down.

On the show, King made it seem like everything was just perfect in her life. But when she had something to drink and started talking to Caroline Stanbury, she broke down. Apparently, her ex-husband wants primary custody of their two children and this is a serious case for her. Caroline Stanbury may have known that King couldn't get her children back and she may not see them ever again. This must be devastating for her. According to Bravo, she has a 16-year-old son and a daughter turning 14 this month. However, Adela hasn't seen her two children in two years because of her ex-husband.

— Bravotv (@Bravotv) November 29, 2016

"You just don't get sober and everything's amazing and perfect. No. You've got so much sh** to clear up from the mess and the bad choices you made when you're unwell. I made some really bad choices, and I'm still paying for that today. But it's my journey, and today, I can put my head on my pillow at night with humility, not humiliation," Adela reveals about her personal issues, according to Bravo.

"But always in the back of my mind, they're there. Always. Every song that comes on the radio that we sang together, every TV program we watched together. If a mother and son are having a lovely lunch out somewhere, it's like a dagger through my heart," she continues, adding, "It just stabs me and takes my breath away, and that's never gonna go away until I have them back in my life."

— Caroline Stanbury (@C_Stanbury) December 29, 2016

"I have no channel to get through to my children, and I was just hoping out of it, they would be able to see me and watch me on TV, see their mom. They were always huge fans of Caroline and Caroline being on the show because they knew her really, really well," Caroline Stanbury's friend has revealed to Bravo, adding, "I want to make them proud of me. I really, really hope I've done that."

What do you think of Adela's problems? Do you think Caroline Stanbury has been a great support system for her, as she was dealing with substance abuse issues and a horrible custody battle?

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