Liam Payne Prepares For Solo Album, Pregnant Girlfriend Cheryl Cole In Her Second Trimester

Liam Payne is the latest One Direction band member to establish his solo career, with Harry Styles and Zayn Malik previously launching solo albums and establishing their own identities in the music industry. In fact, Zayn Malik famously completely exited One Direction to pursue a separate career.

Liam Payne joined One Direction when Simon Cowell, the media mogul, grouped him with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan in 2010 to form the popular boy band. It was Simon Cowell’s belief that the best way to harness the potential of the five The X Factor contestants was to group them together.

Liam Payne aroused the curiosity of his fans when he posted an Instagram video late last year showing him working on a new song. The Instagram clip quickly prompted One Direction fans to speculate that Payne may have plans to record a solo album; however, the clip didn’t feature the entire song and fans were left wanting more. Payne’s new song reveals that the singer has matured with age, as the lyrics are entirely different from other One Direction songs; songs that usually appeal to teenagers and pre-teens. According to Teen Vogue, the lyrics of one of Payne’s solo numbers appear to speak directly to his girlfriend.

“I don’t wanna be left with nothing / I didn’t think I’d ever find someone / I just wanna make it with you.”

According to the Mirror, one of Liam Payne’s new songs is set to be named “Myself,” and the singer has recently registered a set of his new songs with BMI, presumably in preparation for a full solo album.

Fans have speculated that Liam Payne’s love song is dedicated to Cheryl Cole, his singer girlfriend, who is pregnant with his child. Like Payne, Cole achieved her breakthrough in the music industry when she became a member of the winning group in Popstars: The Rivals, a popular British television talent show.

Fans have been speculating about Cheryl Cole’s pregnancy for months, and even though neither Cole nor Payne has ever spoken publicly about the pregnancy, E! News reported that Liam Payne’s girlfriend is in the second trimester of her pregnancy.

Fans’ suspicions were first aroused when Cole didn’t attend the Pride of Britain Awards ceremony, but remained active on social media and changed her profile. Cheryl has always been a regular at the awards ceremony and curious fans speculated that there could be no other reason than pregnancy to stop the singer from attending social functions.

Earlier, Liam Payne and Cheryl’s romance was confirmed when the One Direction member replaced his profile picture with a selfie showing the happy couple together. Cheryl has faced much criticism from One Direction fans ever since she began her relationship with the singer. According to Celebs Now, Cheryl responded to her critics on social media.

“When people hate on you, it’s because you’ve got something they want.”

Cole may have taken offense to some of the negative comments that fans have made, but it hasn’t dampened Liam Payne’s spirit. In late December, 2016, Payne participated in a Twitter Q&A and when asked simply “are you happy honey?”, Liam Payne gave a response that pleased the majority of his fans.

“the happiest I could be”

Many fans believe that Payne is expressing his love and support for Cheryl through his new single. According to The Sun, the preview of Payne’s solo number hints that the singer appreciates his girlfriend because she’s so different to her critics.

“All these other b*tches here be tripping, the way you walk in is so different, I just wanna make it with you. All the best things take a little time, take a little time baby. This ain’t nothing, take a little time, baby.”

It appears that Liam Payne’s family has also become very fond of his girlfriend, because Ruth Gibbons, Liam’s older sister, shared social media messages promoting Cole’s humanitarian work. Cheryl Cole is an ambassador of Childline, an organization fighting for the protection of children’s rights. Liam Payne also works for the welfare of children and has been a participant of the UNICEF’s Children in Danger Summer Disease Appeal.

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