5 ‘Supernatural’ Villains Fans Just Didn’t Care About

There have been some amazing and well-thought out characters on Supernatural. Both good and bad guys have grown, and fans have built connections with some of the unlikely people. That being said, there are also characters that fans have just never cared about. Nobody minded if they lived, died, or just disappeared without any storyline.

Here are the top five Supernatural characters fans just didn’t care about. To make it fair, this won’t touch on the most current season, since some characters haven’t had the chance to grow and develop just yet.

#5. Lisa and Ben

Okay, these are two characters, but they came from the same storyline. Really, the two need to join together because of that reason.

At first, the two characters have plenty of potential. Supernatural fans initially wanted to know more, especially about Ben. Introduced during Season 3, the two became more mainstream characters in Season 6 after Dean decided to live with them after the death of Sam. That was the point that they became a little pointless and annoying. Even Ben didn’t come across as the excellent hunter that he could have been.

Fans weren’t really that disappointed when Dean asked Castiel to remove all their memories of him. It was a bit of a relief that we wouldn’t see them both again.

#4. Bela Talbot

It may not be fair to put Bela on the list. The character was introduced in Season 3—the year of the writer’s strike in 2007/2008. There was likely a more developed storyline for her, but the showrunners had to cut down on the season and condense that storyline. The condensed storyline didn’t give fans a chance to learn more about her to be able to feel sorry for her.

Instead, she was a character who lied and cheated her way through life. She went up against the Winchesters, stole their winning scratch cards, and almost killed them. It turned out that she was trying to get hellhounds off her tail, but that came to light a little too late. Fans just didn’t care that she was going to hell and have no interest in what has happened to her since.

#3. Eve

You will be forgiven if you have forgotten who this bad guy was. Eve was the Mother of All Things, and there was so much hype around her. She did create the hybrid creations—you remember the Jefferson Starships?

Unfortunately, the hype was too much. Eve never lived up to her reputation, and she was one of the easiest creatures for the Winchester brothers to destroy. There was potential but Eve wasn’t developed enough. Maybe it didn’t help that she was in one of Supernatural‘s worst seasons!

#2. Raphael

This was an archangel who didn’t discriminate. He had a job to do and just wanted to see it happen. And then when the apocalypse was over, he wanted to create some sort of peace in heaven.

Of course, all his actions went against the Winchesters and Castiel. There wasn’t any way that fans could like him. However, the portrayal of the character was so monotone and boring that fans really didn’t care that much about him. They knew he wouldn’t live, so what was the point in worrying about him?

#1. Meg 1.0

Most Supernatural fans are in agreement that Meg 2.0 was one of the best things that happened in the show. Sure, she was a demon but her connection to Castiel to help humanize him was an excellent character development for both. Of course, there are some who don’t agree and say Meg was bad in both meatsuits, such as Buddy TV, but at least the later Meg had a chance to develop some redeeming qualities.

Unfortunately, fans had to deal with Meg 1.0 first—Meg Masters. She met Sam in Season 1 and continued to cause problems until the end of the season until the Winchesters and Bobby finally exorcized her. There were no redeemable qualities about the character, and it didn’t seem like there was much of a point to her storyline.

Granted her character was in the early days, when the evil characters apart from Azazel weren’t exactly fleshed out fully. However, the lack of detail just meant fans didn’t really care.

Do you agree with this list? Which Supernatural characters did you just not care about?

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