Father Of Woman Who Died While Streaming On Facebook Live Blasts Her 3,500 Friends For Not Helping Her

The father of a woman who died while on Facebook Live has blasted her friends for not helping her as she collapsed, the New York Daily News is reporting.

Keiana Herndon was with her 1-year-old son and streaming on the social media platform on Wednesday from a friend’s home in El Dorado, Arkansas, when she passed. The 26-year-old was telling her audience that she planned on returning to school when she suddenly began shaking uncontrollably and wiping her face. A few minutes later, her phone slips from her hands and she is no longer in view.

Some people who were watching the video, including family members, noticed that the 26-year-old woman was acting strangely before she eventually fell to the ground. Her aunt, Barbara Johnson, said she noticed that her niece was shaking her head and wiping her face. Johnson said she never in her wildest imagination thought that Keiana would die while streaming live on Facebook.

“She got to wiping her face and shaking her head, and I was thinking, what’s wrong with Kei? She then, fell back and then Rylee [her son] picked the phone and started talking and playing and then I hear [gasping noise], then I heard one more… I didn’t hear nothing else. Never knew that was going to be the last breath she would take on social media live.”

Someone who had watched the broadcast contacted the friend that Herndon was staying with. The friend returned back home 30 minutes later to find the mother-of-two sprawled on the floor and unconscious. By the time Keiana, who worked as an aide in a rehabilitation center, was rushed to the hospital, it was too late.

Sergeant Christopher Lutman of the El Dorado Police Department said the tragic incident has been deemed an unattended death, adding that authorities had no suspicion of foul play. Lutman, who watched the harrowing video, said the young mother was squinting like someone struggling with a terrible headache before her eyes rolled back and she passed out. He called it a “tragic sad occurrence.”

Herndon loved to let people into her life via social media and had over 3,500 friends on Facebook. That whopping number has left her distraught father, Richard Herndon, wondering why his daughter did not receive help sooner. The father said he did not understand how people could remain rooted to a spot when it was obvious that something had gone horribly wrong while his grandson screamed in the background.

“It is amazing for someone to sit there and see somebody or hear them take their last breath, and nobody did anything…for her to leave two kids so young…I don’t know how to deal with it.”

The family felt it was crucial that they clear the rumors circulating about her death and confirmed that the young mother was having thyroid issues, which eventually triggered the heart problem that killed her. An autopsy will be carried out to determine the exact cause of death. Meanwhile, a friend has set up a GoFundMe account for her two sons and has received close to $3,000 in donations. The last seconds of the video show Herndon’s friend rushing into the room and calling 911. It has since been taken down by Facebook.

According to Fox 16, thousands of people witnessed the young South Arkansas mother draw her last breath on Facebook Live. Her father said he did not have the strength to watch the video and could not say for sure how many eyes were on his daughter’s profile page. Keiana’s uncle, Jeffrey Herndon, revealed that he watched the video and said that as his niece struggled to breathe in the background, numbers on the live stream swelled. Police have disputed this claim, saying that they reviewed the broadcast and saw only a few viewers on when Herndon made the fatal broadcast.

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