Song Joong Ki Emotional Over Park Bo Gum’s Speech At ‘2016 KBS Drama Awards’, Gay Rumors Resurfaced After Alleged ‘Bromance’ Moment

Two of Korea’s biggest Hallyu stars, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum, are now the subject of gay rumors that resurfaced recently after their alleged “bromance” moment at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards.

On December 31, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds heartthrob Park Bo Gum bagged the “Male Top Excellence Awards” at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards. The 23-year-old actor was chosen for the recognition alongside Park Shin Yang from Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho. His portrayal as Crown Prince Hyomyeong in the historic drama also landed him the “Netizen Award” during the same event.

During his acceptance speech, Park Bo Gum was evidently emotional. According to Soompi, the actor was already teary when he stepped on the stage to accept the award. Things got more interesting when he specifically mentioned his label mate, Song Joong Ki, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude in between tears.

“When I was working on Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, I felt like I was very lacking. But I’m grateful to Song Joong Ki, who gave me advice every time.”

At one point, Park Bo Gum also added, “He’s a very good senior actor at my company. I had a really hard time while I was filming this drama, and I couldn’t find a balance. Song Joong Ki understood that more than anyone else, and he gave me a lot of advice, so I wanted to say that I’m really grateful.”

As Park Bo Gum tearfully delivered his speech, Song Joong Ki was caught by the camera wiping off his tears several times. In fact, the event’s host was quick to tease the actor, saying, “Song Joong Ki, why are you crying so much?” On the other hand, his on-screen partner, Song Hye Kyo, laughed along next to him, looking a bit embarrassed.

Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki’s display of genuine friendship during the 2016 KBS Drama Awards drew various reactions online. Some fans admired the actors’ relationship calling it “friendship goals.” However, there were some who claimed that Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum are now making their “bromance” known to the public. With that, the undying gay rumors against Song Joong Ki has resurfaced yet again.

It can be recalled that the Descendants Of The Sun star has been bombarded with gay rumors because of his close friendship, not only with Park Bo Gum, but to other actors as well. Recently, Song Joong Ki was accused of being gay after allegedly having a series of bromance moments with Park Bo Gum on the set of a TV commercial for a pizza company.

In the said clip, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum can be seen enjoying their slices of pizza. However, rumors suggest that there are some scenes intentionally deleted to dodge the said gay rumors. According to reports, the behind-the-scenes clip contains deleted parts wherein Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum was grabbing each other’s hand as they try to take the last slice of pizza. At one point, Park Bo Gum can also be seen resting his head on Song Joong Ki’s shoulder, looking clingy as ever. Park Bo Gum even wiped Song Joong Ki’s lips.

The rumors even went as far as suggesting that Song Joong Ki is only using his love team, Song Hye Kyo, to cover up the truth about his sexuality. Blossom Entertainment strongly denied the allegations and asked people to just focus and appreciate Song Joong Ki’s acting skills.

Aside from Park Bo Gum, Song Joong Ki was also rumored to have a bromance going on with his long-time friend Lee Kwang Soo. This is after malicious reports of Song Joong Ki’s alleged secret message that he left for Lee Kwang Soo during the filming of Descendants Of The Sun in Greece. According to reports, Song Joong Ki wrote a sweet note on a rock that reads, “Joong Ki loves Kwang Soo” with the phrase “prince” underneath it.

So far, both Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum have not commented on the malicious rumors being thrown at them. Despite this, fans of the two heartthrobs are more than happy for the latest achievements of their favorite Hallyu stars.

[Featured Image by Kin Cheung/AP Images]