Public Opinion Says Jennifer Lopez Is Too Old To Be Dating Drake

A lot has been said about Drake and Jennifer Lopez since they took their rumored romance public. While some are talking about the love triangle that seems to be taking place between the duo and Rihanna, others are mentioning the couple’s age difference.

Jennifer is a gorgeous 47-years-old, while Drake is 30-years-old. You may not see an issue, but apparently plenty of fans do. A Facebook page called Savagery posted an image of both Drake and Jennifer with the caption “taken the same year.” In it, Drake poses as a child, maybe around age 4 to 6 as it’s hard to tell by the photo. Meanwhile, Jennifer is wearing her infamous green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

Simple math states Lopez was around age 30 in the photo, and Drake would have been age 13 in 2000. This led to the accuracy of the photo being called into question as Drake is very apparently not 13 in the image. While that may seem like a drastic age difference when talking about Drake’s teen years, fans are still not happy with the hip hop artist dating an older woman. Even if that woman is Jennifer Lopez. The photo from Savagery’s Facebook received over 2,000 comments and 18,000 shares as people weighed in on the issue.

Some commenters are saying Lopez is only dating Drake for the publicity as “she’s old and played out.”

“She old and played out. They doing this to try n bring her back. Ask yo self why the hell he go for her when he could have anyone. Answer: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$”

While others tried to defend the relationship, but still called out Jennifer’s age in a negative manner by referring to her as a grandma.

“Yall cant make Jlo look bad!! Shes a bad grandma!!”

Others call Lopez a cradle robber for going after Drake.

“lmao you want that cradle robber love”

As previously stated, fans called out the image for not accurately portraying the couple’s age difference. However, people didn’t seem to care as they continued to state it was odd for Drake to be with a woman 17 years older than him.

“I don’t care how accurate this is but I still find jLo and drake gross.”

Jennifer Lopez and Drake age difference brought up amid dating rumors

Despite many people finding fault with the celebrity couple’s age difference, many others pointed out the hypocrisy of saying negative things when a man dates an older woman, but not the other way around. One commenter received over 800 likes as she stated many males in Hollywood date younger women and nobody says anything.

“The same comparison could be made between Leonardo DiCaprio and any of the barely-out-of-their-teens models he’s dated, but I don’t see anyone complaining about that.”

Another calls the photo misogynist as they name yet another male celeb who married a younger woman, but nobody complained.

“This is just misogynist crap. George Clooney is like 20 years older than his wife and nobody ever mentions it.”

While fans continue to criticize the couple’s ages, Hollywood Life has reported Drake is “infatuated with Jennifer” and that their age difference is a turn on for them. The article reports Drake has been telling his friends that he’s crazy about Lopez and has been busy wooing her. All his charm seemingly paid off when they both recently shared an image of them getting close on their respective Instagram accounts.

“Drizzy has been working hard at wooing Jen by hitting up her Vegas concerts and squiring her to private parties, and all that charm paid off on Dec. 27 she was seen romantically cuddling in his arms in an Instagram photo they both shared!”

Jennifer Lopez and Drake age difference brought up amid dating rumors

The article states a 17-year age difference would normally be too much for a relationship, but not for Drake and Jennifer as the singer is at her maximum hotness.

“Normally a 17 year age gap — especially when it’s the woman who is older — would probably kill most romances, but for the OVO king it’s a total turn on.”

Hollywood Life said the age gap works for them as Drake likes that Lopez is “more mature.”

“The age difference actually works in their favor. He likes that she’s older and more mature. He thinks she’s the sexist woman he’s ever been with and is completely infatuated with her.”

Of course, the article ended with pointing out their age differences just a few years ago as Drake would have been in middle school when Jennifer produced her first album.

“It is a little crazy when you put their ages in perspective though. In 1999 when Jennifer released her first album On the 6 and was dating P. Diddy, 47, Drake was just a 13-year-old.”

The couple recently spent New Year’s Eve together in Las Vegas, reported Daily Mail, where Lopez was spotted wearing Drake’s chain. Whatever people think about Drake and Jennifer’s age difference is mere opinion as the couple seems to be only heating things up since making their relationship Instagram official.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]