Riveting New Reality: Former Governor Of California Takes Over 'Celebrity Apprentice' TV Gig Of President-Elect

There is a new, riveting reality in America and NBC's season premiere of the Celebrity Apprentice underscores the amusing situation in our nation as a former governor of California has stepped in to take over the previous television hosting gig of another man who has recently been elected to the office of the president and will become the 45th U.S. president on January 20.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hosts the newest season of the show, and the fact that he served as governor of California for eight years (winning an election with no previous political experience at all) just highlights the point about our new President-elect who also won an election and has no previous political experience either.

Not sure what to expect from the current iteration of realities, but having read information posted online by the Toronto Star, the "New Celebrity Apprentice" cast is entertainment worth a look. Viewers maybe will enjoy the peek into their interactions as teammates, and rivals, on projects out of their own comfort zones.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governo
Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, left, shakes hands with Gov. Jerry Brown on Oct. 5, 2016, in Sacramento, Calif. [Image by Rich Pedroncelli/AP Images]

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is not Donald Trump of course, but the Austrian-accented commentary and questions in the company boardroom add to the entertainment. Some other reviewers have already mentioned issues with both men, of course, and there is a boycott effort.

The Daily Beast mentions some of its own personal opinions on the new Celebrity Apprentice. Apparently, the "obsessing" over personal branding in this show is a bit off-putting for some, but it sure seemed to work in the real world for the former host who will succeed President Barack Obama on January 20.

"[The show] obsesses over personal branding and the value of self. It celebrates our enthusiasm for simultaneously resuscitating and belittling the careers of has-been stars and D-list celebrities."
For the season premiere, sixteen celebrities were divided into male and female teams, and while that may seem sexist, it also seemed a practical way of doing things.

One thought which does occur is that no where else but on this show and in this season could viewers get to watch Boy George and Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe collaborate on writing a song together.

And yet, there they were together in the recording studio, Vince Neil sipping wine and Boy George rolling his eyes about it.

On the second challenge, it did seem unbelievable that the women's team received very high praise for the production value of their product video under project manager Carnie Wilson's leadership, yet in the end that was not enough to save Wilson, who also helped to compose original music for the effort.

Leaving that aside, it really is a treat to relax and simply watch these unique encounters happen with people who just want to succeed and earn money for charity. Almost as much fun as the presidential primaries last year about this time.

But the reality behind the reality is that life is strange. And if actors can become governors, and reality TV stars can become U.S. president well, the riveting truth is out there too.

Another actor who later became a California governor and even after that was elected to be president of the United States of America was, of course, Ronald Reagan.

Former Governor of California and President of the US Ronald Reagan
FILE - In this July 28, 1984 file photo U.S. President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan are at the Los Angeles Coliseum. [AP Images]

Host Schwarzenegger, per the information from the New York Times, has his own advisers: Tyra Banks and Patrick Schwarzenegger. The Times review also had more to discuss on the matter of celebrities turning into politicians.

"Mr. Schwarzenegger... makes sense in the abstract as a replacement host, bridging the celebrity-turned-politician gap from Ronald Reagan to Mr. Trump. But he's too obviously a performer (and a limited one), trying to fill out an action-hero persona that's now bigger than he is."
The New Celebrity Apprentice boardroom scenes are uncomfortable to watch at times, but this, too, is riveting TV for viewers who may want to escape from reality and the riveting truth of a new year in entertainment... and a game changing season of politics.

[Featured Image by Mark J. Terrill/AP Images]