Oliver Stone Accuses Mainstream Media Of Reporting Fake News About Russia

Oliver Stone claims that “disgraceful” mainstream media Cold War-style “groupthink” is behind news reports that Russia hacked the U.S. presidential election, and the “hysteria” could lead to war between our two countries.

Stone urged his readers to “stay calm” and consult the alternative news sources that he provided on his social media page.

President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats last week as part of sanctions for alleged interference in the election. President-elect Trump has expressed some degree of skepticism that the Russians played a role in Hilary Clinton’s loss on November 8, an outcome that came as a complete shock to poll-driven news outlets and political pundits.

Back in September, conspiracy-minded Snowden director Stone insisted that domestic spying under Obama, for whom he voted twice, is more intrusive than the internal surveillance carried out by the ruthless secret police in the former communist East Germany.

In a lengthy, year-end Facebook essay, Stone assailed the mainstream media for putting out what he described as fake news and propaganda that President Putin’s regime meddled in the election for the benefit of Donald Trump.

“The director writes that he doesn’t agree with the conclusion that the CIA, NSA, FBI, DNC, Hillary Clinton and multiple other groups have made in blaming Russia and ‘singling out’ Putin over Trump’s win,” The Hollywood Reporter summarized.

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Stone’s Facebook essay took the mainstream media, and particularly the New York Times, to task for publishing content consisting of anti-Russia saber-rattling.

“As the ‘failing’ (to quote Trump) New York Times degenerates into a Washington Post organization with its stagnant Cold War vision of a 1950s world where the Russians are to blame for most everything — Hillary’s loss, most of the aggression and disorder in the world, the desire to destabilize Europe, etc. — the Times has added the issue of ‘fake news’ to reassert its problematic role as the dominant voice for the Washington establishment…. I’ve never read such hysterical junk in the New York Times (call it what it is — ‘fake news’), in which the editorials have become outrageous diatribes of alleged crimes by Russia…When one group-think controls our national conversation, it becomes truly dangerous…”

As alluded to above, the Oscar-winning director of Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July and a Vietnam War veteran, Stone provided links that to reporting that purportedly debunks the Russian hacking allegations and also pointed that the mainstream media is ignoring an account that Wikileaks received the hacked Democratic National Committee emails and/or the John Podesta emails that were later released into the public domain from a disgruntled DNC insider. “Clearly the DNC offices were up to no good,” Stone claimed.

Stone also insisted that the personal criticism of Putin by U.S. politicians personally is unprecedented. “The invective was aimed at the Soviet regime, but never were Khrushchev or Brezhnev the target of this bile.”

As previously reported in Salon, Oliver Stone has also scolded the mainstream news media for completely missing the story on the DNC hacks, which according to Stone was really about how the Democrat establishment undermined Bernie Sanders insurgent primary campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Although no fan of the PEOTUS, Stone added, with qualifiers about his impulsiveness, that “As much as I may disagree with Donald Trump (and I do) he’s right now target number one of the MSM propaganda — until, that is, he jumps to the anti-Kremlin track because of some kind of false intelligence or misunderstanding cooked up by CIA…I never thought I’d find myself praying for the level-headedness of a Donald Trump….”

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Before the voting, Oliver Stone likened the U.S. election to a choice between a “warmonger” (Hillary Clinton) and a “charming madman” (Trump).

The JFK director and Scarface and Midnight Express screenwriter has called upon Obama to pardon Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, before he leaves office later this month, although Stone 70, has acknowledged that it is only remote possibility. Oliver Stone has also been described as a vocal supporter of Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder.

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