February 27, 2017
Surface Phone News: How Microsoft Could Win 2017

Microsoft has largely been left behind the in the smartphone game for a while now, with the industry dominated by Android and iOS devices. As Windows 10 mobile continues to sing its death throes, the success of the long-rumored Surface Phone appears bleak. Despite this, however, the Microsoft Surface Phone remains as one of the most anticipated devices in the mobile industry, regardless of the lack of details about the upcoming flagship.

In fact, with recent rumors stating that the Surface Phone is set for a Fall 2017 reveal, the interest in the device has remained high. With its unique approach to the smartphone game, the Surface Phone might very well be the flagship mobile device to watch out for this year. Here are two reasons why this would be the case.

It Could Go Beyond Regular Mobile Devices

One of the reasons why Microsoft's previous mobile initiatives failed is because the tech giant attempted to topple Apple and Google at their own game. Windows 10 was a robust, capable system, but without the army of apps that characterize the iOS and Android ecosystems, Microsoft's mobile OS quickly ran out of steam. It did not take long before the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL, the tech giant's last W10 Mobile flagships, flickered out in the market.
The Surface series has largely been successful because it did not play by its rivals' rules. The Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, two of Microsoft's most successful devices, are proof of this. Thus, true to its name, the Surface Phone must do something that would make it distinct from the competition.

The Surface Phone could do this by focusing on what Microsoft does best - desktop-grade computing. According to a Windows Central report, if Microsoft creates the Surface Phone as a device that is more than a conventional smartphone, it could very well put a very real dent in the mobile market. Instead of trying to make a Windows version of iOS and Android devices, Microsoft would be better off making a Surface-branded ultraportable PC with smartphone capabilities.

Doing so would allow Microsoft to play by its own rules and its strengths. After all, if there is anything missing from the smartphone industry today, it would be real enterprise-grade computing. Android and iOS provide some form of professional support, but the apps for these mobile operating systems remain inferior to Windows 10's desktop-grade applications. If the Surface Phone could perform more as a portable PC than a smartphone, it might very well be the most interesting flagship device of the year.

It Could Be A Refreshing Take On Mobile Computing

The smartphone world is riddled with devices that look so alike, it is pretty difficult to tell them apart. Considering rumors about the Surface Phone, Microsoft would not be following the market's trends with regards to the upcoming device's frame. Instead, according to a TrustedReviews report, the Surface Phone might feature a unique design unlike anything seen on the market before.

Patents that were recently granted to Microsoft reveal a design for a mobile device with hinges that could be configured into different forms. Folded into itself, it would be a regular-sized mobile device. Once unfolded, however, the patent reveals a mobile device with a tablet-sized display. Considering that the Surface Series, especially the Surface Pro devices, have been quite innovative with their hinges, there is a pretty good chance that these patented designs would make it to Microsoft's flagship smartphone. A new design, if any, would truly be one of the market's most compelling devices.

The Surface Phone is rumored for a release later this year. While no details have been confirmed by Microsoft, rumors are high that the device would feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and up to 8GB of RAM, coupled with a very hefty 512GB of internal storage. The device is also rumored to feature full support for the Surface Pen.

[Featured Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]