Trick-Or-Treaters Given Cocaine This Halloween

Royton, England – Imagine the horror of parents discovering that their trick-or-treating children had been given baggies of cocaine this Halloween.

Such was the case in Royton, where a man allegedly sought to give trick-or-treaters knocking at his door something a bit more extreme than your standard Halloween sugar-high. Police there have arrested a 33-year-old man who reportedly handed out baggies of cocaine to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, reports MSN.

Two bags of cocaine were recovered by police after parents alerted them to the suspicious treats (which were really more like tricks, if I dare say so myself).

As far as we know right now, the children who received the two bags of cocaine were apparently the only ones who fell victim to the alleged 33-year-old druggie.

In what amounts to an “honest” (read: debatable) mistake, the man slipped the trick-or-treaters a few bags of cocaine. It’s not like he was handing them out to everyone who knocked on his door willfully. Police are calling it an “isolated incident.”

“The parents and police acted quickly when this report was made, in the interests of public safety,” said the police superintendent, according to the BBC. “We understand this to be an isolated incident.”


The accused is set to appear in court, though a date was not given.

Honestly, this baffles me. We all know those Halloween trolls who like to ruin the holiday by handing trick-or-treaters pencils or toothbrushes with a smile and a “stay in school, kid!” We even know of those accidental trolls who fail to prepare for Halloween and scrounge through the cabinets for granola bars and fruit snacks at the last minute.

But how does someone either not buy candy or simply run out and reach for a bag of cocaine thinking either, “this will do,” or “clearly … this must be sugar,” and drop it in an adorable Pumpkin-shaped candy bucket?

Trick-or-treaters of the world, be thankful for the parents who comb through your Halloween spoils for dangerous goodies, and do not begrudge them a piece of candy or two when they do.