Orlando Brown Sex Tape: Did The ‘That’s So Raven’ Actor Release His Own Explicit Video For Publicity?

The blogosphere hasn’t spoken this much about That’s So Raven since the early aughts! It seems that actor Orlando Brown has a sex tape out that shows him in a rather explicit situation with a girlfriend of sorts, but the latest rumors suggest that the That’s So Raven star released the tape to drum up some much-needed publicity for himself!

According to BET, the Orlando Brown sex tape was “leaked” by none other than the actor himself. While many fans have been speculating about the actor’s well-being since he began making the rounds of the gossip columns on account of his alleged relationship with Raven Symone, they became equally concerned — and amused — when the dirty video started making the rounds on Instagram.

Naturally, the video was reported and deleted shortly after it went up, but since nothing ever dies on the Internet, it wasn’t long before fans copied and distributed the tape on their own sites, thus causing the blogosphere to sit up and take notice.


— TAKEASTEPBACK (@HeroinWifey) December 23, 2016

The Orlando Brown sex tape is just the latest bit of news that has given fans cause to pause about the young actor’s true state of mind.

According to TMZ, earlier last year, he was arrested for domestic violence. The outlet reports that this incident occurred in a police station parking lot, and when the actor was arrested, he was found to have meth on him!

Furthermore, though his girlfriend was not seriously harmed by the beating, Brown was charged with two felonies because of the presence of meth. He was charged with drug possession with intent to sell, and having contraband while in jail.

Finally, and perhaps worst of all, this domestic violence arrest wasn’t the first time Brown was charged with domestic violence. In 2014, he struck a plea deal for threatening a woman with harm and paid a substantial fine. It sounds like someone has some serious issues with violence against women!

How tf does Orlando Brown have a “wifey”? pic.twitter.com/oUQC2umBX3

— Santiago (@_ForeverZealous) December 23, 2016

Naturally, when the Orlando Brown sex tape got released, Twitter immediately exploded with reactions to the rather explicit content, causing the actor to become a worldwide trending topic.

Hip-Hop Wired compiled some of the best reactions they found on social media in response to the sex tape, and the results, needless to say, were absolutely hysterical.

“Orlando Brown is currently the epitome of struggle. A sex tape, if you want to call it that, of the struggle actor who can’t seem to stop talking about Raven Symone hit the Internets, and the reaction is what you would expect. That is, slander, disgust and plenty of loathing aimed at the That’s So Raven actor. Did we mention that he “leaked” this sex tape himself? Twitter previously debated exactly which drugs Brown is on. Is ‘All of them’ a proper answer?”

But it seems as though Orlando Brown is trying to promote his rising rap career with his latest scandals.

What do you think of the Orlando Brown sex tape? Do you think it was done to promote a rap career, or to resurrect his acting career?

Leave your thoughts about the Orlando Brown sex tape in the comments below.

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