‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 851: Pudding’s Evil Plan Deeply Affects Sanji, While Jinbei To Break Out Luffy, Nami, And Other Straw Hats Gang? [Spoilers]

Chapter 851 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece continues with the evil plan of the sweet and innocent-looking Lady Pudding. Fortunately, an old friend of Luffy D. Monkey bursts out on the scene for what appears to be a rescue mission involving all the Straw Hats gang.

Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 851 spoilers/recap ahead.

The previous chapter of One Piece shocked fans of the manga with the revelation of Lady Pudding’s true nature. The innocent-looking and mild-mannered girl who had tearfully promised Sanji that she would be his savior turned out to be his worst nightmare. While assuming a grievously injured Reiju was her sole audience, Lady Pudding revealed a very cruel plan that was hatched by Big Mom. Pudding mentioned the entire Vinsmoke clan would be massacred on the wedding day. Horrifically, Pudding added she would shoot and kill Sanji with her own hands.

In the current chapter, Pudding continues elaborating on the devious plan that the mother-daughter duo hatched. The Big Mom clan planned to kill all the members of the Vinsmoke clan in the big Ceremony Hall. Pudding’s only concern was that the wedding cake should remain pristine. A devious and downright evil Pudding, with a third eye to boot, is seen holding a 0.36 caliber percussion revolver, which she uses to shoot a single bullet into the wall to prove that her weapons can indeed do some serious damage.

Pudding mentions to Reiju that the latter has already “got a taste of this,” clearly implying it was the former who had grievously wounded the latter. In the previous chapter, Reiju was seen stumbling across a dark alleyway. Mangaka Eiichiro Oda hadn’t revealed who had hurt Reiju, but Lady Pudding’s statements make it amply clear it was her.

As a profusely bleeding Reiju sits quietly, Pudding expresses her excitement about the presumed “priceless transition of Sanji’s expression from faithful joy to pure despair,” as she would point her gun to his head. If the statements aren’t shocking enough, Pudding even ridicules Sanji by attempting to express his utter bewilderment. Reiju’s stoic silence irritates Pudding, and she lets her know about the same while a shocked, dejected, and broken down Sanji listens to every word of betrayal coming out of Pudding. Meanwhile, Pudding continues to insult Sanji by recollecting their conversation when he had entered her chamber after the greeting ceremony. She gloats about her convincing performance that compelled Sanji to fall in love with her.


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Soaking wet, Sanji tries to light a cigarette, but the rain makes it an impossible task. Inside, Pudding mocks every aspect of Sanji’s vulnerable personality that she expertly and deviously manipulated, including the cruelty meted out by the Vinsmoke brothers.

Meanwhile, in the Treasure Room, Brook faces Big Mom, who appears surprisingly calm despite the havoc the former caused. The Yonko is aware that Brook has dared to ransack her Treasure Room to steal the Road Poneglyphs, but she is mildly surprised why the loyal member of the Straw Hats gang isn’t attempting to save Sanji. Brook confirms that his intentions remain unchanged despite what Big Mom has planned for Sanji because he is aware of Black Leg’s “kind-hearted nature,” and he is assured that the chef will refuse to be part of any devious plan Big Mom has hatched.

The scene shifts to Brulee’s Mirror World, where Carrot and Chopper are still trying to figure out how the world works and how to use it to save their fellow Straw Hats members. Realizing Brulee is powerless when tickled, Carrot continues to tickle her until tears start flowing. Desperate to stop the tickling, Brulee reveals how the mirrors work. She mentions that the mirrors respond when asked about the whereabouts of the person who is being searched.

Realizing they have found a way, Carrot and Chopper yell out to the mirrors, and many respond at once. Hence, the duo decides to narrow their search and ask them to locate Luffy, Nami, Brook, and Pedro. However, as the mirrors are unfamiliar with these names, they ask for a description. Carrot interjects Chopper by stating she is good at drawing portraits. While Oda hasn’t revealed in the current chapter, it is likely that Carrot will be able to expertly draw portraits, helping the mirrors respond with the exact locations of the currently scattered Straw Hats gang.

The scene shifts back to Lady Pudding’s chamber, where a bleeding Reiju is still held captive. Meanwhile, Sanji is still standing outside, listening to the conversation. Pudding states Reiju’s death from blood loss would be unacceptable. However, she can’t have the Vinsmoke daughter blurting out everything. Saying this, Pudding reaches into Reiju’s mind and extracts the “reel” of the latter’s recent memory.

While “editing” Reiju’s memories to remove the shocking conversation, Pudding notes that all humans have a “roll of film in their minds that records memories for them.” As a user of Memo Memo No Mi fruit, Pudding has the ability to edit the film and change multiple aspects. Pudding expertly removes Reiju’s memory of the former shooting the latter and completely deletes the conversation they just had. Having edited Reiju’s memory, Pudding reinserts the “roll of film” into the former’s mind and summons a soldier to take her to the infirmary.

For quite a few chapters, Luffy and Nami had remained immobilized in Big Mom’s “Prisoner Library” on “Page 55.” However, Luffy was seen trying hard to break free from his shackles and wasn’t concerned if his freedom would result in his arms torn off. Nami, on the other hand, is quite petrified at Luffy’s self-damaging efforts and routinely asked him to pipe down, but Luffy doesn’t listen.

Meanwhile, Big Mom’s henchman demands Lola’s location, but Nami flatly refuses, stating she would “never sell out” one of her friends. Just as the henchman is about to start torturing Nami for the information, a huge explosion occurs as Jinbei enters and asks the imprisoned duo if they would like to be rescued.

Chapter 852 of One Piece manga is expected to be released without a break. Will Carrot and Chopper free everyone from Big Mom’s clutches? Will Brook get away with the poneglyphs? With the truth about Pudding now known to Sanji, how will he react? Hopefully, mangaka Oda reveals answers to these exciting questions in the upcoming chapter.

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