Raging Man Attacks, Punches Female Lyft Driver And Knocks Out Her Tooth – Police Want To Find This Man [Graphic Video]

The below video is somewhat difficult to watch, because it shows a man who punches a female Lyft driver named Terri — all over a parking space. The incident occurred in Santa Ana, California, at an Arco gas station. According to Google Maps, the Arco gas station is located at 3414 S Main Street, in Santa Ana. Terri is a Lyft driver who reportedly took out her phone and began recording a man who began yelling at her near the corner of Main Street and MacArthur Boulevard on Friday, December 30, at approximately 11 a.m.

According to Santa Ana police, the man became enraged over a parking spot. Terri told authorities that the unknown man confronted her after her parking was a little wonky at the gas station. As reported by Terri, she even apologized to the man — who can be seen at the beginning of the video in a red vehicle. Terri said sorry over parking crookedly, but apparently, that wasn’t enough for the guy who flew into a rage after he realized that the Lyft driver began filming his antics.

Warning: The below Eyewitness News video of the Lyft driver named Terri being attacked by the man being sought by police is disturbing, and might be upsetting to some viewers.